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tbh i haven't played this but What the Fuck

my deep sense of pity could be totally paternal and unwarranted but I really wish I could give a big warm hug to every game artist who hustled for years to get their dream job at Square Enix and then had to expend their life energy cranking out this chibi homunculus nightmare that nobody in the world wanted or played

The definitive way to play this dumpster fire game.

Here Lies Final Fantasy VII First Soldier.
November 17, 2021 - January 11, 2023
It wasn't the first, best or most polished Fortnite/PUBG clone on the market, but in its short life it managed to get Yuji Naka arrested again and made for some dank nights with the boyz hoarding those chicken dinners, as apparently everyone else on the server was too Japanese or too 11-years-old to aim properly. What more can you ask from a greed-fueled mobile spinoff of a beloved childhood favorite?
It's earned its spot up there next to Gunpei Yokoi, PT and Flappy Bird in that great big gamer skybox. Farewell.

I wanna fuck Prompto. He was the only good part of the game.
Besides that dude, the game controlled like horse shit and the story made no sense.

Bundled with Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls as a birthday gift, these were my official first entries to the Final Fantasy franchise (unless I count Chocobo Racing too which played a little earlier).
Be warned however, this isn't the Final Fantasy Tactics on the go people wanted, that would be War of the Lions released years later for the PSP, with some minor (or major, depends on who you ask) changes.
The story plays that Hero's Journey archetype with a flavour of "Isekai", and a dash of escapism philosophy.
The gameplay is great and quite addictif with the missions, and the race/job systems, much like Tactics, without however the Zodiac stats, and much more forgiving in general, it was meant to be play in short sections after all.
I recommended it wholeheartedly.

It's like Narnia but less depressing.

between this and triangle strategy i just don't think i enjoy tactical rpg gameplay outside of early fire emblem
update: nvm i love tactics ogre i guess i just dont like this game lmao

Even my absolute hatred for blitzball cannot take away from my love for FFX.

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