Yes, there is a very well known debate about which version of this game is the best. But I’m gonna go out on a whim and say no matter which version you play, you’ll experience one of the most captivating stories in an rpg. This game was so addicting and I clocked in 60 hours in two weeks. The music, characters, story, and gameplay kept me coming back for more. Yes, there are some flaws that I wish they fixed for this port. I would’ve liked to see the cutscenes for the male route in game at least and I feel as they could’ve added overworld exploration too but honestly for this game, there’s not too much to explore so the cursor style movement works really well for this game. Things like Tartarus floors, the antagonist group, and more to do at night are all things I’d like to be tweaked but it’s still incredible. Taking this game on the go for social links and switching to the big screen for boss fights was amazing on the switch and I love playing persona on this platform. So happy they could bring 3, 4, and 5 over so a lot more people can enjoy these awesome games. I think every game has flaws but this game does so much right that the positives very much outweigh the negatives. If you wanna play this game but really need the overworld, emulate FES on pcsx2 and snag the party control mod. AI controlled party isn’t a thing anyone should put up with in 2023 lmao. But nevertheless, buckle up cause this game is a hell of a ride. Here’s hoping for a remake!

Reviewed on Feb 04, 2023