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This was the very first Dragon Quest game I had ever played and got me into the series. Last year I decided to do a replay.
And this time, I made my party after myself and friends.
It went well until two of them (Paladin and Gladiator respectively) started ganging up on me and murdering me everytime they became confused, while my self-sufficient Armamentalist just watched with the most apathetic expression on his face like he was questioning why he decided to join me in the first place. Yes he was a support unit...but he mainly supported himself with us being a passing thought if he felt like it. I was the actual healer and I was a Ranger.
The final boss also, magically, did not use Disruptive Wave EVEN ONCE while the Armamentalist kept slapping a billion buffs on himself and whacking him with Miracle Slash to heal. And then the final boss died to 2 damage recoil from attacking my Gladiator.
Amazing game, had fun from beginning to end.

Humans are the real monsters
Humans are the real monsters
Humans are the real monsters
...hey guys did I mention humans are the real monsters enough times?

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