Still my favorite in the franchise and one of the best designed open-world games of all time. The freedom given to the player in this game is still almost completely unmatched to this day.

An excellent sequel that improves upon the original in every way for me (the world choices were better in the first though imo!!) The performance was really annoying at launch too though.

Amazing game, the last stretch of the game is pretty evil though.

This games great, definitely play it if you've played 1-3.

The best DLC Fromsoft has made, It's just more Bloodborne.

The coop is great and the I love the location choices here. It is buggy and the ai sometimes just turn into gods but a very worthwhile experience still.

An amazing remake, modernizing the original and has some great additions as well. Post game was really good too, only thing holding it back really is the reigon.

Just more of the base game, villain is whatever really and the enemy additions are neat.

Its honestly just more of the base game again, really wish they would've changed the mission structure up a bit here.

The worst of the DLCs for sure. Kinda a slog to get through at times but the core gameplay is still fun at least.

The bosses here are the best in the franchise and genuinely some of the best in any game ever. The story elements really could've been more substantial though.

This game did everything I expected of it, music is amazing as always, worlds are fantastic, and the combat additions are great. Plot falls short of expectations at times but absolutely delivers in so many more ways.

The zones/locations are probably the best part about this DLC. Its pretty big but the plot and factions here are so surface level, even for Fallout 4.

Decent but really short, not much is even added here aside from the robot companion. Main quest was whatever really, some of the gear was really cool though.