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It might be a good pinball game but idk cause I'm not really into pinball games. The only thing I was really interested in what beating story mode, but requirements get so ridiculous and if you loose once (and aren't using save states) you have to restart the whole thing. I wanted to get to the ending and I know what you need to do to beat the final boss, but hitting the ball in the exact right way as quickly as possible (and do it perfectly 3 boards in a row) just feels impossibly random.

The level designs are simplified compared to the Genesis counterpart, which is to be expected for the Game Gear. But surprisingly swinging from pole to pole felt more fluid/easier and you have more control over where Ristar goes when flying. I also really liked that you can pick up some weapons dropped by enemies and use them.
Take the graphics and level design of the Genesis and the easier controls and more tools to grab/use of the Game Gear and there could have been a really good sequel.

This game was pretty enjoyable, even with a few flaws. The grabbing mechanic took a bit to get used to, every instinct telling me to jump on enemies had to be thrown out the window lol, but I mostly got it in the end. The special stages were mostly pretty easy which was surprising, except for the very last one where grabbing onto the next walls felt a little random and out of my control. I also really liked that Ristar has different idle animations on each planet.
Honestly a little sad it never got a sequel, would have been interesting to see how they refined it.