4 s over 18 Reviews



Fun at first but it's really repetitive

Imagine playing this game and thinking Koda is a real person afterwards

My family love and hate this game

The GOAT. This game will never die

It's tetris with added seizures.
VR version was a disappointment, you'd expect the particles to fly past you but everything is completely flat. There's zero sense of presence

PS2 version is the best, you are the sim now. DS version is a totally different game

Sad that it ditched Titanfall's movement options but hey you can still SLIIIIIIIIDE

I have zero creativity, without the online levels this wouldn't be as good

Pretty good if you don't pay for any of it :^)

Theres a special place in hell for people that play on easy then complain about the AI

Nintendo did a worse job of porting mario 64 to the switch then homebrew developers