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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is an one of a kind game and has every element that sets what is a good RPG.
I am grateful that I went into this game without any prior knowledge because it helped me enjoy it a lot more. In my opinion, it's the best game I've played in 2023. Good luck to FFXVI, you will need it.
Xenoblade Chronicles games have always been on my "top 100 best RPG of all time" from a random journalist website, but I played the Definitive Edition and while I liked it, it didn't have a lasting impact. The same goes for the second game, although I had more issues with it. Now, with the third game, I had no idea what to expect, except that it lost to Mid of War in the OST, and considering the last two games, it was probably unfair (who might have guessed that i was right), and if you watched, you remember the flute guy having a blast. I already thought it would be a good game, i did not know that would be THIS GOOD.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 takes everything that was good about the first and second games and elevates it to another level. Almost 99% of the game is an evolution of its predecessors, making it a true sequel and a fitting conclusion to the trilogy (which is pretty rare).
But let's move on from generic praise and talk about the technical aspects. How the hell does this game run on the Switch? Monolith is truly incredible. The maps are gigantic, beautiful, and full of life. It's a shame that they're limited by the old junk of a Switch, but it's still impressive and makes Monolith the god of developers right now.
The soundtrack is absolutely mind-blowing. It never stops to destroy me. The flutes pierce through my soul. Some people might find the chain attack theme annoying after a while, but I don't. "Moebius Battle" is easily one of my top three boss battle themes, and "Weight of Life" is just... I don't even know what to say. I don't care about TGA because it tends to favor the generic AAA industry, but losing to Ragnarok is a crime. The entire soundtrack is the perfect culmination of a trilogy, sounding like an ending that leads to a new beginning... it's simply unbelievable.
Besides Persona, it’s hard for me to like characters that much like I do for the main party, and it wins a point against persona because it’s consistent in their development and for a very long time I thought the game did not have only a single protagonist, because everyone is so well written, and has its time to shine, its amazing. Eunie is the boss, and Taion is a god. This game awakened my inner shipper, as their relationships are so organic and exceptionally well-written. For those who didn't enjoy Xenoblade 2 due to excessive anime elements, don't worry, this one has almost none of that fanservice or other annoying anime tropes.
And speaking of well-written, the story is exceptional. It has been a long time since I last experienced something this good. It's a mature narrative that explores themes of life and death, hope and despair, and legacy. The prologue and Chapter 1 start slow, like any other Xenoblade game, but after the turning point, it only gets better. Chapter 5 is the pinnacle of storytelling. I was completely unprepared for it. I do think the game loses some steam after that, but it picks up again towards the ending. Do yourself a favor and don't ask or search for anything more about the story.
The gameplay is easily the best in the series, taking the best elements from the previous games and improving upon them. Chain attacks are amazing, I am starting to think I have a weak point for “tear the screen on the eyes”. There are numerous classes to play and test, making combat less repetitive and a lot of fun. The ability to change party members in real time and have them all actively participating is another feature I really like.
A Xenoblade game wouldn't be complete without a insane amount of side quests to complete alongside the main quests. The Hero quests, in particular, are fantastic, and I highly recommend doing all of them because they add depth to the narrative and character development.
The only downside I have to mention is the antagonists. The Moebius are cool, but they don't go beyond that. There's only one of them that stands out as the best in the series, but they aren't the main villain, so my focus wasn't entirely on them. The main villain was just okay, and I found the final boss fight to be underwhelming compared to the other amazing boss fights in the game. It could have been better.
Overall, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is easily in my list of favorite games, and I could talk about it for a very long time. It completely exceeded my expectations, and I can even say it was a pleasant surprise. It fits perfectly alongside the other two games, creating an amazing experience to play. Despite my general hate for Nintendo, I must thank them for allowing Takahashi to finish this trilogy. Here i am hoping for more chronicles to be told. Please, if you like RPGs, do not skip Xenoblade Chronicles Trilogy, especially its third and best one.

This review contains spoilers

Xenoblade’s No Way Home.
Every fanservice is risky, but they throw everything out of the window and made one of the best DLCs I ever played.
Rex grew so much on me now, and an old and wise Shulk… give me more!
Future redeemed really redeemed an entire trilogy, starting and finish as the masterpiece we deserved and received from xenoblade’s 3 base game.
An amazing ending to a trilogy, and one of the best Chronicles I ever had a chance and privilege to play.

After years of silence, I finally get courage to make a review… let’s go them.
Persona 5 Royal is, by a landslide, the best game I played in my entire life. It hits me in almost every weak point. Persona 4 is my favorite Persona, but is impossible to me to down P5 by anything, and FFXIV tried a lot.
The art style, the soundtrack, everything in P5 technical department is made by godly hands. Jazz is the Shoji Meguro’s favorite style, but damn he was having a blast doing it. Lyn is unbelievable.
Combat is the best in the series. It is fast, it is stylish and it is satisfactory. Yes, it is easy, but after P3, Persona is completely independent of SMT, and should not be compared by difficulty, it is not the focus of the game to be hard, and I don’t think is easy per se, but they give you so many ways to play and to abuse the system, that for a experienced player, they will use to make everything look like a joke (give them myriad truths!).
The characters of P5 are the middle ground of the self development from P3 to the chemistry of P4. I try to not use Strikers memories to review them, but by the vanilla game, they are good enough. Now, the phantom thieves are the best group, not questions. The calling cards, the outfits, this gentleman thief thematic… amazing all of it. It has the best overall confidants (or Social Links if you want) from the series. Not everyone of them is the peak of writing, but no one of them is useless or completely boring like some from P3 and 4, and thanks to the bonus system, they are useful to be leveled.
The story of vanilla P5 is decent. The first arc is one of the best first arcs in any jrpg i played, you will easily get hooked. Many people hate the “comically evil” villains, but for me, they are not entirely unrealistically or boring. Of course, humans are not that simple, but they do exist, and for me, as a Brazilian, after the last few years I found real P5 comically evil villains more than I would like to. You are not wrong to dislike them, just know that they are like many comically evil villains from classic heroes comics, that P5 heavily is inspired from. And yeah, society is the root of the problems, we know that, and the game does a good job in making corny or cliché things like that to be hell of cool.
Now, the beast: The Royal. P5 is a amazing game by itself, but some time of reflection and by getting new references, I don’t think I would like P5 this much if I only have played vanilla. Royal is the “expansion” P5 deserved, even if I still hates how Atlus handles this. The content is diluted by the base game, by the new confidants and by the new “third” semester. It feels natural, Kasumi is a friend of Joker, and only him, so it feels right that she does not jump right to the Phantom Thieves. Every other character from Royal is a spoiler, so the only thing I say is that a character from vanilla completely changes from water to wine in Royal, and the antagonist? Hoo Boy… I do think that Royal ending does not fit right to the ending of the story of P5, but I was so destroyed that I don’t care.
As you can see I can talk about P5 for hours and would still not be enough. It is easy the best Persona game, it is an evolution in every technical way and it’s undeniable. No game has this feeling that only a persona game could give, and I will pay Atlus for every Remaster I can, because I am stuck in this loop. Good luck for them to try to get near as high in P6 as they got in this game, but even if takes more 10 years of copium, I will be there for the next P5 milk.
Take Your Time.