After playing Until Dawn earlier this year and liking it (not loving it, mind you), I was interested in how something shorter and more focused would play out.
However, I ended up finding Man of Medan very mediocre.
- The characters aren't interesting at all
- The acting or writing isn't very good either
- It isnt't very scary (it's supposed to be horror right?)
- Very stiff controls; the characters control like robots
As a plus, the visuals are mostly very well done and moody.

I ended up liking Chicory much more than I first anticipated; at a first glance it looked like a nice game to play inbetween something more "substantial", as I sometimes do. Looks can be deceiving, however, as this turned out to be one of my favorite indie games in a while.
- The story was surprisingly deep and emotional in a way I wasn't expecting at first
- I love the central painting mechanic and the way it ties in to the themes of the aforementioned story and characters
- The soundtrack by Lena Raine is amazing, and I now find myself listening to it regularly while working
- The artstyle is really great as well
- The game length is also perfect; not too long, not too short
A Colorful Tale also had a satisfying platinum trophy to get, which was not a walk-in-the-park, but not frustrating either.
In conclusion, if you're looking for a cozy, relaxing, deep, emotional, therapeutic experience, give Chicory: A Colorful Tale a try.

This review contains spoilers

I bought this as a fan of relaxing walking sims and puzzle games and ended up enjoying it, but not loving it.
- The graphics are quite good with some lush environments and pretty lighting throughout.
- Cissy Jones as the main voice actor was a nice surprise, but the voice direction leaves something to be desired sometimes.
- The player character walks quite slowly, even the faster running speed is too slow, and the environments are sometimes large, so navigating takes a lot of time.
- The puzzles are OK. They're not incredibly difficult but not incredibly engaging either.
- I found the story a bit lackluster unfortunately, I got the feeling they were going in a creepier, unsettling direction but they ended up not exploring that that much.
Ultimately this game simply feels OK.