I have had a longer relationship with this game than with my wife, it's been there through the ups and downs, the turmoil and upheaval of my life.

Being a "Sega kid" growing up following Am2 and Am3's arcade releases on model 1, 2 and 3 boards this seemed like the pinnacle to me and it was available to play at home. Saying that I had a Sega Rally 2 Obsession would be an understatement, the constant need to improve my times, shaving tenths of my best times especially "Muddy" on Hard in the Lancia Delta HF integrate, I have revisited it recently and I gladly no longer feel the insane desire to improve on my obsessions best times but still very enjoyable.

I played this later in life out of sequence to the other Zelda titles and never really enjoyed it, I have went back to it multiple times but it is just not for me.