Not as good as the original, but still better than a lot of run and gun games imho. Love that Gunstar Red in this, is queer-coded and that playing the game on harder difficulties unlocks more plot points in the story. Definitely got me replaying the game more than I expected and I was able to grow more of an appreciation for it, despite it not being Treasure's best.

Jet Set Radio is the perfect example to me, that having nostalgia for a flawed retro game is not the end all be all to actually be able to enjoy it. Sure, I definitely did not enjoy it much at the beginning, but the more I got into it, that growing fondness for the game, became euphoric. I was obsessed, pretty much drooling over the sequel I still haven't gotten to finish. Constantly listening to the JSR soundtracks, literally buying a physical copy of the combo pack of Jet Set Radio Future that came with Sega GT 2002, and not being able to get it to work on a relative's 360, pain... Vibes can genuinely carry a game, let those vibes intoxicate you.

Ikaruga is one of those games that I know for sure I'm not great at, but getting better with it on default settings and building those max chains is one of the greatest feelings to get from a video game ever. Every aspect of Ikaruga is some of the most inspired shit in a shoot 'em up too and that final level woooooo, orgasmic!

This game has charm and fun can still be had even with all the sequels. The soundtrack and overall atmosphere of the original Super Smash Bros. is pretty distinct, which makes it an interesting novelty to come back to occasionally.

Small packaged low-poly racing goodness accompanied by SuperSweep legends, Shinji Hosoe and Ayako Saso, assaulting your eardrums with infectious energy.

Inject that Cyber World shit in my veins.

While it's not my favorite Smash, this game really gives me this nostalgic feeling that makes the game seem more ancient than it actually is. Before getting Brawl for Christmas along with my Wii, which was pretty much the best Christmas ever, I could only play Super Smash Flash and watch YouTube videos of Melee to really get a taste for it. There's this certain quirkiness to the game in general, that sticks out compared to the rest of the series, but the aspect that comes to mind is the visuals. Donkey Kong has this shit-eating grin, Yoshi's color is a darker shade of green, it has a odd visual style and the presentation in its entirety is what sells Melee as this bygone celebration of the Nintendo oldheads, Mr. Game & Watch had to join the fight even. Melee was the end of the Nintendo-only Smash era, and it delivers that with such grandeur.

Bomb Rush Cyberfunk is Team Reptile's most ambitious game. God, the fact that this passion project is trying to be the best it can be as a successor to Jet Set Radio Future and potentially better despite its budget, just makes it impossible for me to not love and get overwhelmed with emotion about it. The coolest game ever made :')

After his involvement in the first Virtua Fighter as designer and coordinator, Seiichi Ishii went on to design and direct the original Tekken. Which became a competitor to the Virtua Fighter series and for the first game this is honestly fine. I definitely made sure to play on easy so I'm not stuck fighting the same opponents hours on end like I had to suffer through in my childhood, but it's surprisingly snappy and fun enough to play, even if it's not on the level of its sequels. Tekken has a more gritty tone here and the characters just have a bit more sauce compared to Virtua Fighter(I love its characters and the Sega charm personally) which gives it a broader appeal, though for the first game it also has a very strange, ominous vibe and it's clear that Namco was trying to capture something even if it's not fully fleshed out yet.

Worthy sequel in the GG Aleste lineup from M2 and Manabu Namiki. The Aleste series continues to live and I'm happy to see it.

~Flintstones, meet the Flintstones, this game really fucking sucks~

Oddly comforting, it's definitely the kind of licensed game you'd come across on the GBA, with 3D visuals and a shovelware look. Isometric GBA Spyro-esque, with controls that are a bit unwieldy at first, but do work, the more you grasp them. Has this otherworldly vibe, like entering horse racing purgatory, especially with the music that plays on the title screen. Yet the menu/in-game music has this heavenly sound, that makes me want to sleep to it, doesn't help that the game's animations run at a slow pace, like it's in rhythm to the music. For its odd qualities I do think it's worth giving a try.