It tries to do a lot of cool things, and... I don't know if many of them land, to be honest. I don't mind the "clunky" controls a lot to be honest; my two main issues are the lack of transparency about why your attacks aren't working against certain kinds of enemies, and the long backtrack to the item shop to try another weapon at random. I assume a lot of the storytelling got cut because of the localization and the whole PS1 development ordeal, but what is there is pretty interesting to me (plan on reading the novelization some time). The interaction between the amount of health left and the stamina regeneration rate was pretty fun to mess around with even if pretty basic. The "doll system" that makes your equipment show up on your character is still really cool to me, but I wish the clothing puzzles (and the elemental ones) weren't so obtuse half the time. Soundtrack is like an acquired taste and I'm all for it.

Reviewed on Dec 30, 2022