I do have some issues with the game but overall it's a pretty good finale to Solid Snake's story

This game was more fun than I remember it being

It’s fine. I just wish the game had good camera controls

Solid improvement over Metal Gear 1. The backtracking was kinda annoying

It's solid. Not the best but definitely not the worst. It does a alright job adapting the Decepticon campaign in the console version while having pretty good side content.

I played this game a long time ago but didn't remember much of it so I decided to replay it. I'm surprised how solid this game is. It does a pretty good job at adapting the campaign of the console version with some new additions like Grimlock and Swoop. They never appeared in War for Cybertron so it was a welcome surprise. There's also way more playable characters. You can play the campaign as any character you have and aren't restricted to only using certain characters. You just have to find data discs throughout the game to unlock more characters to play as. There are some that don't even appear in War for Cybertron at all like Hot Rod and Ultra Magnus but you have to unlock them in the game's side content. The game's combat is very interesting. Every enemy and boss has a weakness to different types of attacks. The attacks you have are solid, laser and plasma and every character has access to some like Optimus has plasma and solid, Bumblebee has laser and solid etc. If an enemy shows a plasma icon, plasma attacks are way more effective and the rest is the same for laser and solid. There's also a level up system and stat distribution. Level up and you can level up your strength, endurance, firepower, skill and regeneration. Every character can unlock a perk when level up certain stats and those perks are things like more health, less damage taken away when attacks hit your shield, random chance of you shooting even more bullets etc. The boss fights in this game are actually somewhat difficult. Bosses shoot a lot of bullets and kinda devolves into a bullet hell game. You have to be careful when dodging because one wrong move, you'll be quickly killed. Trypticon was kinda annoying but he wasn't too bad. The side content was also pretty sizable. Was not expecting to play as the Decepticons at all. You can unlock a majority of the playable characters even some that don't appear in the console version such as Motormaster, Ramjet and Cyclonus. This is the only Transformers DS game that are split into 2 additions that allows you to play as both sides so that's neat. While the console version of War for Cybertron the better game, this game isn't all that bad. If you played that game, check it out. It's a pretty alright experience.

Every problem I had with Yakuza 1's combat was basically fixed. I think I like this version over Kiwami 2

Played this game almost 2 years ago at the height of my interest of Megaten. I didn't expect much from this game since it's essentially the first game of the franchise if you don't count the Digital Devil Story games. I would've expected to not like the game since it would be missing a lot of things I came to be used to since they wouldn't have been created by then but despite that, SMT 1 is actually a really great game. It's no wonder why this game blew up in Japan. I'm honestly surprised by how much I like the game

I seriously wish I could rate these games lower than half a star