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Every single Smash game is like a 4/5 except for Brawl, which is a 3.5/5. These are the rules, I just follow them.

The legend of Zelda: breath of the wild is an absolute masterpiece. I literally could not fault it if I tried.
The fact that you're able to beat the game in half an hour if you really want to (and have the talent to do so lol) OR you can put thousands upon thousands of hours into the game with the bountiful amount of content in the game. With the amount of player freedom BOTW brings to the table, I feel like no two playthrough could ever be the same which ultimately scores a high rating from me.
I adore the open world aspect SO much, there are so many different things to find and NPCs to interact with. Finally coming across Hestu, the HUUGE korok was an absolute game changer for me - every time I found a korok I did a happy little dance. I even went as far as to get koroks tattood on me lol
I found the shrine puzzles to be extremely fun and flavourful. Although I did get stumped by a fair share of them, the relief I felt after finally triumphing was immesurable. I loved how interesting each of the divine beasts were, and how different each character was from one another.
I spent so long exploring each shrine & basically tried to take in and experience every area on the entire map. Botw quite literally rewards curiousity, it wants you to explore anywhere and everywhere so you can find hidden things like the koroks, and chests with neat items.
I found the breakable weapons and the stamina bar a fun way to make the game more challenging. You could even choose to sell the spirit orbs you collect along the way, rather than using them towards your health and stamina which I thought was a super cool feature of the game.
There are so many creative aspects of the game too, getting to throw a bunch of different ingredients together to figure out new recipes that can do an unbelievable amount of different things was one of my personal favourite aspects. The way the different elements (fire, water, earth, air) work together and fight against each other is so very realistic too eg. using fire to propel yourself off the ground so you can reach a hidden area or using a huge leaf to help blow you across the ocean - the possibilities to come from this amazing game are truly endless.
I went into this game with absolutely 0 expectations as this was my first Zelda game, but I have come out of this experience knowing it'll be an absolute struggle for any game to compete with the sheer amount of freedom, creativity, enjoyment and fun this game has produced
There are so many more points I could draw on to explain why I adore BOTW so much but I don't think I'd ever stop typing. This game is an absolute must play, you need to experience this adventure through your own eyes

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