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MitchellAV finished A Summer's End: Hong Kong 1986
The aesthetic of this was really great. The vibrant colors with the soft art style and music in that 80s' style was a mood that really sold this for me.
The romance that happens between the two girls turned out to be quite sweet in a way that I wasn't fully expecting.
I wish I knew that the adult patch needed to me manually copied over for it to work before I finished reading half of it. The adult patch turned out to be quite tasteful and I think it only added to the experience.
I'm not fully aware of the history of Hong Kong but I think the creators succeeded with their creative project to bring awareness to the issues of freedom of speech in the region to people like me who were unaware.

5 days ago

MitchellAV finished Dredge
Quite an interesting game that I found on accident while looking for a fishing game.
I enjoyed the art style a lot and just roaming the ocean and exploring the different islands was pretty and fun to do. The game could have used a difficulty option as it was way too easy towards the end if you got any of the optional upgrades to the ship that the game didn't require to progress.
This game doesn't really feel like a fishing game at all though. It felt like something more akin to Stardew Valley. If you replace the fishing with planting crops to sell in the community chest then the game is exactly the same to the T.
I wish that the game was a little scarier tbh. There were some interesting experiences to be had when you go out after dark but everything became predictable after a while. I think a lot more random events that negatively effect you without your consent would've made the experience of fishing at night more interesting and would keep that eerie feeling towards the end.

6 days ago

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