Saikoroshi-hen is a fantastic epilogue and ending to Higurashi.
Batsukoishi and Hirukowashi-hen on the other hand are dreadful.

Looking back on this mod 3 or so years later, i can clearly see it's many glaring flaws and less than perfect writing, but nonetheless, this mod impacted me a lot, and i felt like it was one of the best things i had read at that point, though i probably wouldn't think the same of this mod if i reread it again at this point, i still like it for what it was.

Was fun for the first few games, after that it got boring and repetitive really fast. Not planning on playing this again.

Tackles some interesting themes and is pretty interesting narratively, but didn't really go anywhere, probably because of it's short runtime. It has potential though, so i might check out the sequel.

Enjoyable yet flawed. Fun if you play co-op with a friend, would not recommend playing solo though.

Really fun mobile rhythm game, i'm not into any other Bang Dream media so i'm not that familiar with the characters, but that doesn't really matter as the game is mainly about the fun rhythm gameplay.
The gacha system doesn't hinder any of the gameplay, it's relatively easy to get some good characters. The selection of music is absolutely great, it has a lot of popular anime and vocaloid music covers. The grades don't matter that much though, which i think is a good thing. Getting better characters for higher scores is just an extra.

This is one of the worst kart racers i've ever played, the controls are way too clunky, the maps are badly designed, and drifting is way too uncontrollable.
This is how not to do a racing game.

Really solid platformer with a ton of style, amazing level design, and great music. The levels can get kinda flat sometimes, but that doesn't ruin the experience.

I get what this game is trying to do. The concept and trailer of the game looks really fun, you spawn on an island, explore, sail and discover more islands, build and craft things to gather materials and make a base to survive, grow and cook food, hunt, defend your base, explore dungeons, and even train your own monkeys who can help with gathering materials and fighting against enemies.
Even though this sounds like a ton of fun on paper, the problem with this game is that it's just not fun, even when i was playing with my friends i was still struggling to find any fun. It's a boring and tedious experience. It's really dissapointing considering i adore the Escapist games.

Great game with a really cool spin on the battle royale genre. The gameplay is fun and intense, it isn't just about simply aiming at the enemy and shooting. Your positioning, movement and listening to the sounds are all crucial for victory. The sound design is absolutely phenomenal and plays a big role in how games play out and add to the realism of the game.
I also really like the concept of the bounty bosses and bringing back your hunter safely. It adds the risk of losing your hunter and being forced to make a new one, which adds to the tension of the game.

Seeing all the characters of all Danganronpa games interact with eachother is a lot of fun, but the boardgame gameplay loop to unlock the interactions gets really tedious after a while, the gacha is really underwhelming, and unlocking every character takes way too long.
If you don't want to sit through 50+ hours of the exact same boardgame to unlock interactions, and spend an absurd amount of time trying to unlock every character, it's better to just watch the character events on YouTube.

A game that is amazing on paper, but is thoroughly unenjoyable to actually play.

It was fun at the start but became repetitive and boring after a while. It shows off what the SNES can do but it's age is painfully obvious.

Don't have much to say for this one, it's just mario.
Pretty fun for it's time.