Super moody and atmospheric, the vibe of this game really worked for me.

Really loved this, super creative bite sized levels, only held back by some pretty brutal difficulty spikes.

I quite liked this. It's still pretty buggy, but the story is strong and the Night City looks and feels amazing.

Can see why people love this, but feels very shallow to me, and once I could see the slot machine/addictive design mechanics at play it really lost it's appeal.
Impressive for a game developed by one person though.

Funny at times and undeniably creative but not my cup of tea. I got to the final boss but was getting trounced and didn't have the patience to go back and stock up on health items etc. Can see why others love the quirkiness of this, but I never fully gelled with it.

Was enjoying the insane story enough to grind for a few hours when I hit a wall a few weeks back, but then hit a wall again at the final boss and refuse to go back and grind for hours more just to defeat it.
A shame as I think there is a great game stuck in here somewhere but the repetitive grind for levels is just not for me.

This is very atmospheric and features some creepy imagery, but the poor writing and boring puzzles made it a tough slog for me. The final straw however was the gross sexualisation of the 16 year old schoolgirl character in Chapter 1. It was enough for me to delete this completely. No thanks.

A fun, unique take on the Zelda formula that subverts some tropes in entertaining ways and looks utterly gorgeous, however it does suffer from some odd pacing, frequent excessive hand-holding and very, very, very slow dialogue.

Maybe biased by my adoration for the original Alien film, but I was astounded by how this so perfectly lets you inhabit that world. And while it is long, I loved almost every minute. There are a handful of frustrating sections that killed me repeatedly, but overall I absolutely loved this.
Oh, and it's utterly terrifying.

One of the hardest games I've ever played, but also one of the most aesthetically appealing.
I'm so glad I stuck with this as I almost quit after the first few bosses. The elation I felt after finally besting The Devil was well worth the effort.