You can actually still play this game if you want, look up project celeste.

This is my first gacha game that I dedicated significant time to, and I have to's awful. I hesitate to even call it a game. This was so painful because I love Ni No Kuni back on ps3. I can't even think of anything clever to say, it just makes me sad to see this.

This was the only ps2 game I owned for the first year I had that console...and I never got bored.

This is my favorite COD campaign. I got really attached to my squad, even if they are all Band of Brothers rip offs.

Vikki was my first crush. Also the soundtrack in Sarge's heroes 1 and 2 is fantastic.

This is an amazing fan project. They revived this dead game, run seasonal events, and added Romans to the game (complete with a quest line for them).

This and Planetside 2 are the only MMOs that have ever held my attention. It's like if you combined Eve and a WW2 simulator where every player is real. I know it's unlikely, but I would love for this to become the future model for MMOs and shooters to build on.

I don't quite get why so many people hold this is such high regards. It's a fun game but it gets old fast. It felt sluggish and had too much visual clutter sometimes for me. I've played a ton of co-op shooters with my brother, so I went in expecting to like this more than I did.

Nioh 1 is one of my all time favorite games and this makes small tweaks that refine the experience in almost everyway. This is the best action game I've ever played.

The combat is more fun and engaging than the first one, but everything else is worse. Played on hard and certain fights had crazy difficulty spikes. I'm guessing this is because hard mode was added later.

I spend more time playing dress up with my squad than actually fighting aliens, but that's more of a personal is really good.

For real though, it's too much water

A game with good ideas and extremely flawed execution. This was my main shooter for almost 2 years. Parts of it were actually pretty great, but overall it was a mess of ideas that weren't fully baked. Feature creep also destroyed this game.

I think this game did the console RTS about as well as it could be done. As a kid that loved RTS, but didn't have a pc growing up, this game was amazing.

The beta for this game was actually completely different from the end product, and a lot more fun to me. It was more of a WW1 trench warfare game where the two sides slowly build trenches and tunnels toward each other. Jagex bought this game after that and turned it into a bad TF2 knockoff. I'd give that Beta a 4/5.