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Clearin commented on FrozenRoy's list X or Y?
Super Monkey Ball or Dark Souls

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QuilDewIvy commented on AdSmokinStyle's list AWWWW~~~ is it too hard for you?
or sorry not too hard, "unfair, poorly executed, or cryptic". I guess poorly executed because the game's boring and easy to demolish on Hard, but then it's not just 'difficult' then

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QuilDewIvy commented on AdSmokinStyle's list AWWWW~~~ is it too hard for you?
I had to do a double take, triple take even with Amid Evil up here, a game I'm almost certain gets the criticism that it's TOO EASY more than anything else. Went through critic reviews and steam reviews... where are you hearing that this game is too hard?

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JuniorCoppi finished Metroid Dread

Dread comes as a direct sequel to Fusion, but really it's a continuation to 2017 Samus Returns, as the same devs take their ideas on the remake and try to finish Samu's main saga, and as someone who recently played Samus Returns this game comes in great time.

While Dread improves upon some stuff that Returns did, like the parry system, the missle and tank upgrades and so on, for me that kinda get traded back because of the repetition of some minibosses and the EMMI's, that could have been used better, after some time it just gets annoyng, the suit upgrades being underwhelming in comparison and the lost of some other elements as well.

With that said, Dread is a great game, running through the corridors fells ever so satisfying, getting all the upgrades makes you really solve some puzzling situations to get your running state to the tiles that needs to be broken, all the big boss fights felt fair and rewarding to my pickup of 75% of items, where my extra tanks gave me more shots at getting the parry times, they were a delight.

It's just a solid game overall, also nice touching changing the end, Samus deserves better than the old ""Zero Suit"" endings, the artworks are great.

14 hrs ago

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