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Double Dash has held it's place as my favourite Mario Kart for so long, until I got my hands on this. The gameplay is incredibly fluid and boasts a stacked roster with some new additions and some of the greatest tracks in the series. Whether it's the many Grand Prix cups to power though or the insane battle mode, my enjoyment from playing this never waned. This has become a favourite with my kids also so just another excuse for me to jump back in every once in a while.

This was a fun little puzzle game with very nice physics that were fun to use. Some of the later levels were actually so difficult that I had to take a break from the game for a while before going back to try again because I just couldn't figure it out. The physics are fun to use and it is extremally fun to just go around and mess up the whole level, destroying everything you can in the wackiest ways you can think of.
There is also a fair bit of collectible cosmetics for your character that you can work on if you want to, but some of them can be easy to find but hard to reach, making a handful of them very antagonizing. I've also heard that multiplayer is extremely fun to play on here and I can imagine it being that way, but I have yet to try it myself.



The novelty wears off real quick and you start to regret spending $30

(5-year-old's review, typed by her dad)
You get to go on a slide and at the end you gotta beat Bowser, because you get to MOVE and MOVE if there's turns, and also there's a slide in the snowy place!
[Dad's note: She used to use the Wii U gamepad to go do the secret slide in Peach's Castle over and over again, every day for the entire summer of 2020]

it's solid. the return to more of a linear Gears experience was highly appreciated after the hubs of base game Gears 5 and the pacing benefited heavily as a result.
wasn't as wild about some of the encounter designs as seen here, especially with the repetition of having two moving platform set pieces in the expansion's shorter length. the core of the gameplay itself was solid as always so it wasn't a complete slog or anything.
with Gears 5 ending like it did, i wouldn't mind seeing some of these characters shifting into the main cast for a Gears 6 tbh.

The best way I can think to describe this game is by first going all the way back and quoting my review for the Wii game:
"It's full of personality too. Every single character you can choose to put on your team is different. You've got different stats obviously, something like 4 different categories, but each team captain has their own unique item, each sidekick has their own unique special shot, each character has different theme music that plays when they score a goal, and different dodge animations (which itself is different per character class, with some being more offensive, some being able to bypass the goalie with the right timing etc). It just really helps feel like every character you pick makes your team personalised to you, rather than just generic characters with a Mario skin."
All of this is gone, except for the stats (and even those can be adjusted to basically make every character whatever you want them to be). Everything else just...gone. No more sidekicks in general, no unique special shots, no character-specific items, no theme music for goals, no unique dodge techniques. Personality has at least survived with some things like animations, but it's all aesthetic and there's essentially zero gameplay differences between the tiny roster of 10 characters.
Quoting from my old review again though:
"My main issue is with the super strike mechanic. While this also plays into the idea of the game making each character unique, by giving them characteristic animations during the move, it is way too powerful and slows the game down every time it's used. I think it would have been fine if it was just limited to once per match, including the set-up screen, so that if you tried to use one at a bad time, you're out of luck. It'd add a lot more strategy and give it a huge risk-reward factor, while right now it's just no reward-reward."
This has at least been changed. No more spamming super strikes for 5 easy goals. Now you can only do them when a special item appears, and they only give you 2 goals. They still kind of break the pace when using them (unskippable 30 second or so cutscenes), but generally they're a big improvement here.
Anyway moving on to things unique to this game - Holy shit the way they handled customisation. So they have some pretty cool ways to alter the look of your side of the field, things like the look of the goal posts, the electric barrier pattern, the scenery items outside the barrier etc. But you can ONLY do these as part of a striker club. And only the leader of a striker club can alter them. Like you can still use your clubs field outside of club mode, even in story mode, but for some reason there's no way to just...make field designs you want. It makes zero sense. Have it so you can only use your clubs field specifically when doing club matches, but why the hell would you not let us make our own fields for single player and quickplay matches?
You might think "Well I'll just make my own private club so I can make a field how I want". Except nah, because on top of the obvious disadvantage you'd be in for ranking with a club with only 1 member, you can't actually do proper club matches like this (which you need for currency to buy customisation parts). The characters you can select in club matches are exclusively the ones the players of a club have registered as their character in said club (including their gear). So you can use YOUR character, but if you're the only one in a club it'll fill the last 3 with random characters, none of which have gear. So your only choices are to join a club and let the leader pick all the customisation options for you, or be lucky enough to be the head of a club with 19 other people (and hope they bring in good characters to use).
Also club mode launched without even having a current season lmao. Why?!
Anyway here's just a random list of other complaints:
-Zero content. 10 characters. 5 stadium themes that have zero gimmicks (may or may not be a positive to some people), and all the actual pitches are just plain grass. The only single player mode is now a simple bracket tournament with 3 matches across various cups.
-The inclusion of more timing based elements for things like perfect passes and perfect shots sounds good on paper, but in reality it just results in WAY too many goals. Especially combined with being able to min-max any stat you want. Having a max shooting stat with a perfect shot (honestly not hard at all to time) results in a goal from anywhere almost automatically. 4 minute matches will take at least twice as long thanks to the amount of goals.
-Items have been reduced to just the basic 5.
-Stadiums are tiny now.
What's GOOD about the game? Well... it still plays fairly well I suppose. There's still a lot of personality in animations (though I think the amount of possible goal animations per character have been drastically reduced?).
Umm... I dunno what else. This game is such a shell of its former self. They seemed to bank literally everything on the idea people would love being part of a club online, and maybe if you have 19 friends to join that'd be the case, but for anyone who has to resort to joining random open clubs, it's just a bad game with basically nothing to do.

I screamed when he jumped out of the book

Banjo-Kazooie and Tooie are masterpieces. The reveal teaser trailer for this game just showed Spiral Mountain and the new character designs, and I was elated.
But the way it turned out still gets me down.
It's not a terrible game. But it's a terrible Banjo game. These cars depress me.

This review contains spoilers

society if Marcus died instead of Dom...
finally some color and nice settings after the absolute tedium of 2 (i give 1 a break because it came first and had a much stronger horror atmosphere than 2/3). some parts of this i'd even say looked Good which is the first time this has happened in the series so far.
the lambent brought some much needed variety to things with both the enemy design and how they're dealt with when in combat. the gamepaly in general just felt smoother with better encounter design, movement, and level layouts.
much more excited to continue the series now than i was after finishing 2.

Overwatch but too counter-strike-y and not as good as either