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I enjoyed this overall, but all those 10/10s make it seem much better than it actually is.

The good:
- Voice acting is chefs kiss
- The gameplay, and the general "feel" of the game, is very much like every other Arkane game. I personally like that, but ymmv.
- The concept of the game and how it plays out is cool. I liked seeing different areas at different times of the day, and planning how to navigate around them.
- Gameplay and pacing (after the tutorial) is pretty good and kept me constantly entertained, especially with different trinkets and powers.
- The world is interesting and there's little secrets to explore in different areas**
- Among Us in Deathloop (this is not a spoiler)

I finished this in 2 sessions (13 hours and 6 hours) without breaks, so that should tell you this is pretty fun.

The bad:
- **The little secrets you discover don't really reward you well for discovering them most of the time.
- My 2060 couldn't give me consistent framerate at 1440p, and even had some drops in 1080p. I ended up getting this on PS5, where it experienced a total of 3 crashes, and I encountered 2 bugs with the menus. Not a huge deal, but I wish things were better tested and optimized before release.
- The game doesn't give you a lot of freedom. It was marketed as "you'll have to explore and figure out how to kill all the bosses in a single loop", which holds true but there aren't multiples ways to do that. There's literally only one way to finish the game. Its linear, which is fine, but I will it provided less guidance and let me figure things out on my own instead of telling me exactly what to do and where to go.

I think if there was a little bit more freedom and a little less hand holding, this would have been a 4.5/5 for me.

A game that very much feels like it would have been Xbox's featured platformer. Tonally a mix of Doom Patrol and Nicktoons from the same era, Psychonauts is delightful as an atmospheric and conceptual experience that is marred by it's rough gameplay and a couple of frustrating levels. Despite how let down I was by the Meat Circus, I still think this is a great, goofy little platformer worth checking out.

I played quite a bit of the original destiny, but never did the jump to destiny 2. For a while I just followed it's journey from controversy to controversy, from the one use shaders to player xp throttling and shitty toasters and lack of content. One day me and a friend just randomly went "hey, playing destiny sounds cool, maybe we should try it" which coincidentally happened on the first week of season of the lost. Somehow we got a group of 6 people going, and we decided to try a raid. 3 weeks later we finally managed to beat Last Wish, by cheesing the final boss. It was some of the must fun I've had with a game this year, Destiny's gameplay is just fucking stellar. All guns sound powerful and feel great to shoot, every class has abilities that are fun to use, and there is a decent variety of things to shoot that act very different from one another. At this point I've played a bit over a hundred hours just in the current season, which started 4 weeks ago. I chose a really good time to start playing, the game has years of content and the game is probably at the best it's ever been right now, even if they vaulted several planets, campaigns and a lot of activities. Incredibly shitty move, but I guess we all have to live with it. I've even found myself really engaged with the story, which has become a top notch space opera, even if a lot of the finer details are still hidden away in lore books and my name is byf youtube videos.

Psychonauts 2 is something that you are never quite sure how it exists, you know those amazing indie games that have great ideas but fall short because of budget or development time? Psychonauts 2 is that game, is a indie game with great ideas that was given time and money to fully fulfill it's ideas.

3d platformers have always been one of my favorite genre, but i also enjoy games around narratives and well written characters , and those two things are rarely seeing together, and yet, here they are. The platforming controls amazingly, you incorporate the powers into your move set, making getting around very smooth.

The game really shines on it's sense of humor, narrative and character build, everyone here is used well and it's there until the end, even random npcs have a net little interaction and sense of humor. And i haven't even said anything about the mental worlds, i got tired of being amazed by a new one again and again, it's a thing you must see for yourself and you'll never find in another game.

This game is really something, i could not recommend more, go see for yourself what the minds of Double Fine did because the wait was worth it.

characters, dialogue, aesthetics, and overall atmosphere are all time favorites material. it's just too bad about how miserable this is to play in some spots.

it only gets REALLY bad in one or two spots, thankfully but there's room for improvement regardless. perched for the second game later this month. it can really be something special if it keeps what was special here and improves the gameplay.

Tried for years getting this game functional on PC. Finally did, learned it's far too scary for me.

I don't know what people are upset about. I had fun playing this. My only complaint is that there's no fast forward for parts that you've already done in every loop. I liked the story, sue me.


Game feels really slick and responsive despite this build being a buggy mess. Guns are suitably impactful and none of them seem actively bad. The new additions are interesting in their contrast to the existing sandbox and will take some getting used to. Movement feels pretty good as well. I'm not completely sold on the new motion tracker functionality at this time, but I will be including that in my feedback. Overall a very promising first look, and I can't wait to play future builds.

fun, interesting puzzle game. Has the same shortfalls that the vast majority of indie games have - throwing you into a situation with no instructions (because "aesthetics" or something, especially late game, where right up to 94% through the game, they're still introducing new mechanics that they don't explain. You just need to figure out what the goddamn multiple colored lights are on a building, figure it out, game player!

It's a short game at 90 minutes, but the only reason it's that long is because you spend 60 minutes of that saying "sure wish I knew what the hell I'm supposed to be doing right now."

I considered this my favorite Mario Party game for a while but now I have to say it takes a slight backseat to 4. This game really implemented a lot of cool things though and really encapsulates what a sequel should be