I only play with a group of friends and while it's a meme to hate on, it can actually be pretty fun.

This one was actually pretty good, probably my 2nd favorite DLC after Tiny Tina's. There was a good amount of variety in new enemies, returning characters, and a complete story that didn't feel too rushed. The new rainbow loot adds a nice small change to the gameplay that this late in the game needed.

Overall ends up being a pleasant gap filler between BL2 and BL3.

Not that great unfortunately.

The main story is pretty short only lasting a few hours worth of missions, half of which feel like they were super padded with the same enemies being thrown at you over and over again before you can even progress. Im sure playing on UVHM didn't help but some of these enemies were so annoying to kill, you have ones that can self-heal and then other that can self-level themselves up (causing them to also fully heal). It ended up being a pretty frustrating experience to slog through.

Although the story itself was pretty funny, especially the villain's dialog. So it is enjoyable in that sense.

The locations were alright, nothing you haven't seen. You have this new hover-boat vehicle but it got stuck on everything and the guns on it were useless.

Overall it might be worth playing on the more normal difficulties if you're really itching for more BL2 but otherwise is an experience that won't be missed.

I know you can't really finish this game to begin with but while I did play it for a good amount of time, I didn't even get far enough to buy a second ship. I think it's a good game if you're expecting trucking in space but otherwise a bit bare bones for me.

It is really immersive especially playing with a flight stick, so it can be fun to hop in for the spectacles as the game itself looks great!

I also haven't played any of the recent updates but I feel it'd do little to change my mind.

Never played a Civilization game before so this was all new to me. It ended up being a pretty great game to play over the covid summer of 2020. Having someone to play with certainly made it better as we were pretty addicted to playing turn after turn. Hope I return someday to try out the expansions!

I liked this game so much I spent years getting into game development to create a spiritual successor (let's be honest, a ripoff) of this game. Later on I took some time to create a website for it and then realized making a website isn't so bad. Then I thought maybe I can make letterboxd for games, and thus Backloggd was born...

I would download so much malware on the family computer trying to get this game. When I eventually did though, I spent countless hours on it. Especially the level editor, ah the memories..

A really easy game to pick up between time but after awhile I feel like I lacked the motivation to actually keep trying. I only won a crown once over my first 10 hours of playing so it's hard to see myself winning again. The game itself is pretty addicting and still feels enjoyable to run through the courses, I only wish there were more variety. Might try it again once a new season comes out but otherwise I feel like I got my fill of Fall Guys.

Sony's take on a Mario 3D World-like game leaves a bit to be desired. Sackboy moves too slow and sluggish where it feels like a chore getting through some of the levels. Then other levels can make it really difficult to see the depth of Sackboy leading to a lot of frustrating restarts. The worlds themselves are at least pretty unique and the visuals are nice as everything is made out of craft materials, all running at a smooth 60fps. Music wasn't my favorite, the use of pop songs felt a bit strange in a game like this but it was neat how the level was synced to the music.

Overall it's an alright 3D platformer.

To be fair this was my first Paper Mario game.

This review contains spoilers

Made it to the 2nd to last mission but stopped playing due to how tedious it got towards the end. That was over 5 years ago so I'm just going to call it abandoned at this point.

What I did play though was very aesthetically pleasing and a fun game to play with others watching. The limited toolset and hiding mechanics really made for an intense experience. One that I'm usually not a fan of but the Alien universe made it worth it. The length could've been a bit shorter in my opinion but overall a good game.

I was impressed by the amount of content this game included. Yeah it's a tech demo but a really polished one at that. It's also an interactive PlayStation history book and even though I haven't had a PlayStation for most of my life, I was still able to appreciate many of the easter eggs / tidbits that were included throughout.

I'm also a sucker for 3D platformers so this was a great inclusion with the console.

This review contains spoilers

This is my second playthrough, one that immediately followed a replay of the original Bioshock instead of the opposite when I first played Infinite.

I now see why people have come back and taken their 10/10 ratings away. Gameplay-wise the game feels like so much of stepdown from the more sandbox-like world of Rapture. The risk vs reward hacking, a lot more plasmids, the camera system, and so on are missing. Even with something as not having physics on objects takes away from that feeling.

It's obvious that Irrational Games had more planned for the game from all the demos and trailers that appeared years before release so it's sad to see so much cut.

But it keeps a pretty great story within it's more linear gameplay. When I first played the game back on release, it blew my mind. Although I see more plot holes now than before, I still really enjoyed the concept of Columbia. It's such a unique setting and could only make sense in the Bioshock universe.

While the game itself is much more polished than the first, the star ranking is a lot more forgiving so it's not as challenging.

The levels are more unique gameplay wise, but I do wish there were more variation in style. The recipes this time around do add some interesting mechanics as well. Also throwing items is definitely a big plus!

Still ends up being a fun co-op game to play through.

My first time with Animal Crossing was enjoyable but it didn't keep me hooked for more than a few months (which is still pretty good). Being able to build your own island can be addicting especially with the need to earn more bells.

I just wish Nintendo didn't make really arbitrary decisions like 1 island per console / having you confirm every little action. Also I hate how there isn't a better way to place buildings other than guessing. All smaller things but they build up.

Otherwise the game looks great, sounds great, and is a pretty relaxing time sink.