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Pretty much everything except for gameplay is really well done here. The visuals, music, and writing are all really good for a Paper Mario game. I just couldn't be bothered with the ring mechanic especially without any incentive to do so. Then the whole 4 elements parts felt out of place and forced, always leading to an expected dungeon then an expected boss fight. The last act of the game is where it really stood out since that typical pattern was absent.

I can't write a review without mentioning how strangely sad this game was. Maybe it's because I expected nothing but the usual Mario-esque story but both Bobby and the ending actually felt sad ;(

Also for context this is coming from someone who has still yet to play the first two Paper Mario games.

An overall fine addition to the collection of modern 3D platforms. This one felt especially polished compared to others but the lack of difficulty made it a struggle to finish. I'd recommend trying it out if you have Game Pass.

I was a big fan of the first one, and even more so of this one. While these types games are great at making you feel powerful, they also tend to lose their fun once you make it far enough.

I'll probably still play now and again, especially with the upcoming content update. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoyed the 1st or like rouge-likes in general!

Definitely played enough by now to justify a rating. I was a sucker for Sims 3 and 2, would always switch between them just because I liked how each one played.

As for 4, the upgrade in graphics are nice and the quality of life improvements are pretty good by 2020 but the lack of an open world killed it for me from the start. It's still an enjoyable game if you like Sims but I think I'd prefer 3 even if it runs at 10fps.

In my opinion, this is the best pack of them all. Quiplash is a classic, Trivia Murder Party is a fun version of trivia with minigames, and TKO is always fun to draw and pair.

I'm not a fan of Fakin It since I suck at it. Pretty good overall!

For a game that only improved on the first, it just didn't catch me the same way.

I typically don't care for these type of games but the Minecraft-y aesthetic drew me into this one. But yeah everything is a bit too simple and the maps often feel empty with dead-ends not leading to any special loot or anything. Still fun enough to finish though I suppose.

With this being my first Metal Gear game I was very confused by everything from the story to the length.

As a fan of the actual movie and the earlier Star Wars Lego games, I just don't think I enjoy these types of games anymore. Probably because they're meant for kids but either way they don't hold my interest for long.

Pretty shallow in content with only 5 real missions and the rest being generated content based on mission types. It's certainly still fun with other people and VR does give it that extra immersion layer but I just wish there was more of everything.

I'd only recommend getting on a deep sale.

Just about everything about this is perfect, gameplay, visuals, audio, story; it's all there! There's nothing like a feeling where I actually have to duck behind cover to avoid getting shot (real life excluded). I guess if there was one thing missing, it would be melee combat but it wasn't a huge deal.

Was going to give a 4.5, but it's the first VR game that feels like a full, complete package and I love the Half-Life universe so 5/5.

I didn't think Doom could get any better than 2016 but this proves otherwise. At first I didn't really like the more limited ammo but as I got more weapons and realized the chainsaw slowly reloads, I ended up really enjoying the strategy of it all.

Also I know a lot of people don't care for the 'story' in these kind of games but I welcome the cutscenes, set pieces, and other narrative additions. It really makes you feel like an unstoppable force.

But yeah with more enemies, locations, and weapons you can't go wrong with Doom: Eternal (except the Marauders, screw those guys)

It's not a bad co-op puzzle game when the levels are good. But that seems to only happen about half of the time. Things either move unpredictably, kill you unpredictably, or the camera is too far away where you can't tell the depth of the levels, which then kills you from falling.

If you can play it on something like gamepass, it's worth at least checking out if you're looking for a couch co-op game. Otherwise I couldn't recommend it.

I could not get enough of that Luigi's Mansion minigame.

Haven't completely finished it yet, but man this game was a let down. The gameplay was barely there, the story is meh, and the acting is a bit weird at times.