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Pretty shallow in content with only 5 real missions and the rest being generated content based on mission types. It's certainly still fun with other people and VR does give it that extra immersion layer but I just wish there was more of everything.

I'd only recommend getting on a deep sale.

Reviewed on May 21, 2020


Just about everything about this is perfect, gameplay, visuals, audio, story; it's all there! There's nothing like a feeling where I actually have to duck behind cover to avoid getting shot (real life excluded). I guess if there was one thing missing, it would be melee combat but it wasn't a huge deal.

Was going to give a 4.5, but it's the first VR game that feels like a full, complete package and I love the Half-Life universe so 5/5.

Reviewed on May 13, 2020


I didn't think Doom could get any better than 2016 but this proves otherwise. At first I didn't really like the more limited ammo but as I got more weapons and realized the chainsaw slowly reloads, I ended up really enjoying the strategy of it all.

Also I know a lot of people don't care for the 'story' in these kind of games but I welcome the cutscenes, set pieces, and other narrative additions. It really makes you feel like an unstoppable force.

But yeah with more enemies, locations, and weapons you can't go wrong with Doom: Eternal (except the Marauders, screw those guys)

Reviewed on Mar 29, 2020


It's not a bad co-op puzzle game when the levels are good. But that seems to only happen about half of the time. Things either move unpredictably, kill you unpredictably, or the camera is too far away where you can't tell the depth of the levels, which then kills you from falling.

If you can play it on something like gamepass, it's worth at least checking out if you're looking for a couch co-op game. Otherwise I couldn't recommend it.

Reviewed on Mar 13, 2020


I could not get enough of that Luigi's Mansion minigame.

Reviewed on Feb 11, 2020


Haven't completely finished it yet, but man this game was a let down. The gameplay was barely there, the story is meh, and the acting is a bit weird at times.

Reviewed on Dec 30, 2019


Didn't completely finish it, but made it through most of the game. It's always satisfying to get it working but personally I got bored when no new mechanics or parts were introduced late game.

Reviewed on Nov 28, 2019


Who would've thought we'd actually get a decent Star Wars singleplayer game. The more forgiving Dark Souls like systems work really nice and the level designs are interesting.

My main issues it feels a bit unpolished in a few areas and the story gets a bit stale 3/4 the way through, but otherwise it's a pretty fun game.

Reviewed on Nov 26, 2019


Overall it's a fun game, the animations are really fun to watch and almost everything having physics makes it addicting to suck everything up.

Although I still prefer the atmosphere of the original game with the more interconnected mansion. The gameplay here is revolved too much around mashing 'A' to suck in ghosts as the tug-of-war mechanic is dumbed down. Then the ghost variety is pretty lame as it's pretty much the same 4 ghosts.

I'd give this a recommendation, but more towards a $40 price.

Reviewed on Nov 06, 2019


It is better than it first looks being a Rabbids crossover game, but I'm still not a fan of the Minion-esque rabbids nor the strategy style gameplay. So I only got about 70% through before never picking it up again.

Reviewed on Oct 10, 2019