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Lovely little wild west romp that lets you run amok in a barely holding on supernatural county.
While it has some great ideas there to be fleshed out, such as the vendetta system and the twin stick shooting, a lot of it doesn't land. You will find that a lot of the good of the games comes from its art direction, voice acting and oddness of the first two chapters.
Combat has some interesting ideas, but most skills are less useful than the inherent didge everyone has, the only ones ones I ended up using frequently enough were the tornado and the pigmans bulletproof. Other things like the ambush related ones took too long to get set up, and then by the time you're that far in the game (unless you mainlined the build) you're strong enough to not need to even bother with stealth.
In it's defense however, the chain reaction of events you can set off and then have to adapt to due to things like explosions and enemy movement is really fun when it lands. There have been a few times where by my own hand while struggling with tight stealth, I'll take the risk of an explosion while things are quiet or parkour across buildings to really shift things in my favour. If you find yourself in samey arenas (which will happen a lot) trying choosing to play differently, you might surprise yourself, even if you have to burn through supplies to support said switch up.
The setting and atmosphere are great and fun, but only for a limited time, by the time of the Hunter I was pretty done and nothing from the world building really got me anymore. Past those initial fun and disturbing ideas, it quickly gets very repetitive in tone.
There are a few other nitpicks; like the inventory system having a limit just because, too big to worry about past just dumping stuff in someone elses. The exporation really touts multiple solutions, but very often is thrown to the wayside for another stealth section. eg hit a button to activate a fire trap that will only take 1/4 of an enemies health, why not just go for knockout, that sort of thing.
The ending is very meh as well, its not exactly a twist by the time you get there and the game makes sure of that intentionally, but its hardly one to get excited about, sadly by the time of the ending I was just waiting for the game to end so I don't think that speaks very highly for it.

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Oh shit, videogames got corrupted by capitalism, folks / Oh tío, los videojuegos han sido corrompidos por el capitalismo, mi gente.

The presentation on this game is absolutely killer. All the characters are rendered and animated beautifully in that lovely Game Boy Color style, along with the UI and other visual elements. The music consists of (what I assume are) classic Pop'n Music tracks remixed for the GBC and they also sounds incredible. Seriously, even if you're like me and don't really know much about the series, you should boot this up in an emulator because it just looks and sounds great. As for playing, well, Pop'n already looked pretty tough just in Arcade form, and it does not translate well to a controller. There were times when I felt like I had a good grip on the layout, only for the game to immediately throw something my way that completely reset my brain. The game involves pressing left, up, right, A, and B, as notes come down to one specific button, and it's an extremely tough layout to memorize. Asking me to press some at the same time or to switch rapidly between them just felt mean. I'm willing to bet there are people out there who have complete control over every track in this game, and I salute them, their brains are simply bigger than mine. Maybe it's easier on an actual GBC, since the buttons are closer together. But like I said, I think anyone who has any affection for the GBC should boot this up at least once, it's a neat little thing.

This was very forgettable overall but watching the 1cc really helped me get the attention span to watch The Seventh Seal by Bergman

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