Cruelty Squad but like 20+ years ago.

This is, quite honestly, the most primiiltive game I've ever played.
Cavemen would understand this more fully than any other game, if I reckon.

It's one of those games you vaguely remember, but suddenly realize exist and not just false memories.

That combination video was wild though.

Without this, OFF wouldn't be made.
Think about that for a second... A world without one of my top sexymen.
Edit: A bigger reason why we can't live without this: Space Funeral wouldn't exist.

You get what you expect. Sadly, I have no friends to play with this. But, I do substitute it for the greatest simulation for a jigsaw puzzle of the hit 1984 album by celebrated pop rock band Huey Lewis and The News' "Sports".
So there's that.

I don't think I'll ever (repeat, ever) come across something like this again in my entire life of playing videogames.
My total score, if I remember, is 1768 by the way.

Oddly comfy game, with a banging disco-ish soundtrack to boot.

The greatest game about the struggles of being Canadian/Russian.

Alphabet scrolling sounds is a bop.



Would've been a bit more fun if the linear stuff wasn't the main point of it.

A few minutes in, and already I'm questioning why I exist on this here earth and not on the particular museum.

Do not play this game. It is cursed and I have suffered psychological damage because of it.