Mulki7's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Playthrough

Star Wars has been a big part of my childhood. always loved it, just more and more as i get older. it's just something about the atmosphere - the lush jungles contrasted with the gun metal gray of the empire, all the cool force powers, laser sword fights - all that stuff sparks something giddy inside of me.

this game does a great job of that, possibly beating out The Force Unleashed II for "most dumbest fun star wars mechanics" but the jury's still out on that. the versatility in how to handle combat situations truly sparkles when you know how to use it. pulling a guy in to force chokeslam him and then splitting your lightsaber into two lightsabers to cut a robot in half before throwing R2D2 at somebody doesn't ever stop being fun.

and that's good, because that's the whole game. 12 hours of some pretty cool i guess platforming mixed with really fun combat - which, naturally, is at its absolute best during boss fights - set in the star wars universe. its great! but, aside from some areas and enemies straight up just sucking balls, theres a huge glaring flaw.

its the story, hey everybody im back criticizing story in games who'da thunk it. it wouldn't - and really shouldn't - be a problem if it wasnt so damn ever-present in this game. there's so much focus put on these characters and their backstories and how invested we should be and when it affects gameplay i draw the line, because this story is ass. nobody can act to save their lives, least of ALL cameron monoghan who im not even sure why he's in this game? the only other thing i know him from is Gotham and that sucked ass too.

it was just embarrassing when Cal tried to emote (inevitably sounding like a whiny child), or when cere got melodramatic about nothing of worth until the very end, or when they introduce a new character LITERALLY IN THE LAST TWO HOURS just so our characters have a snowball's chance in hell in surviving the empire and for Cal to have a sneaky chub for someone with tits because this is star wars. really just not good stuff.

which is strange considering how GREAT the nightmare sequences all are. they're each so clever with how they use the camera and the lighting (which is also phenomenal through and through) and the model switching to make a badass, memorable scene. i still remember the whiplash that opening scene gave me. really, all of the scripted cinematic moments were awesome. including possibly the coolest part of the whole game, the ending, which i wont spoil but holy shit.

in spite of the pretty bad story, this is a great game. as just a raw, beef and cheese game, it's great. clashing lightsabers feels cool as shit. BD-1 is really cute. play on hard.

and i gotta say it, how the fuck were there no circle wipes? is this really even star wars?

Reviewed on Nov 21, 2019