the most inventive, pure fun game thatll come out this year. a true labor of love that is required to play if you like your friends and enjoy fun

papa harada slips up a bit, circa 2001

papa harada invents tekken, circa 1997

the first tekken game, and its actually kinda dope. glad they started as they mean to go on :)

if i was at the arcade i think i wouldve just spent $400 in quarters on one arcade playthrough. thankfully i stole this and didnt support anybody involved, and in fact i hope the AI designer went bankrupt after this project and may it never see a sequel

probably the most sleeper hit title sony will put out this gen but it really is a hit. it doesnt look like it, you dont think it will be, but it is. go play it NOW god damn it

imagine being the guy that plays this game for 30 hours, experiences the plight of these tragic pseudo-humans, and says "hum, i think i will masturbate to this"

the batmobile feels like it was taken from a lego game

pretty shameless kaizo hack of tetris attack. im sure these 4chan modders thought they were pretty clever but they couldnt pull the wool over my eyes.

genuinely one of the best games

David Cage might be a genius.

That's not to say he's a good writer, God forbid, but rather that he is an incredible entertainer. The sheer clownery that is this game's core premise is almost too much to bear at times, and yet it manages to completely grab my attention. I started this game on a whim hoping to laugh at it, and ended up playing from start to finish.

This is because this game is broken up into three segments, each with VASTLY different quality, keeping the pace up quite nicely. Connor's story, as I'm absolutely positive you know, is far and away the best. It's the only story in this game that I would actually go as far as to say is extremely well written. The relationship between Connor and Hank is extremely compelling and - for me - nervewracking. The dichotomy between them is so perfect that every second spent on these portions is bliss, and every decision not only made me think about what to do for the sake of what happened around me, but dread how it would affect my relationship with Hank. Every choice being a new challenge to face and every interaction with Hank being insightful to his character, simply entertaining to watch thanks to Clancy Brown and Bryan Dechart's performances and the truly, truly quality writing on display for the both of them. The whole game could have been this, and it would be David Cage's masterpiece. Unfortunately, it wasn't. He put Markus in the game.

Markus's portions are bad. They're awful. Every character met has little to no character in their body (almost as if they were robots,) and Markus himself can change personalities on a whim since his "backstory" is flimsy at best. Naturally, this segment has the most impact on the story at large. All is well, though, because it is hilarious. This is the David Cage I was looking for. Markus felt like such a non-entity that being given the freedom to do anything I want with the world and just about 0 consequences was truly liberating and lead to some of my hardest guffaws in the entire playthrough. Seeing such a melodramatic and stupid story that shouldn't even exist unfold into chaos when my benevolent and godlike hands get to hold the reigns of it is truly a wonderful time, and it, too, I wholly recommend to behold.

Kara could not be in this game and nothing would change.

Overall, this game continues to cement David Cage as a staple of the shitty interactive game industry, and I truly don't know where we'd be without him. I sincerely hope he does not make movies because while he is sometimes capable of really reaching the stars, even his blunders are extremely worthwhile entertainment. God speed you clown prince of crap

Also David, did you see what I did there? I spent more time on characters the more interesting they were, and less time when they sucked and nobody cares. Just a little tip from one novice to another


legit? full star just for the soundtrack

pretty cool game but for the love of god stop making me use these fucking alternate party members i dont like them just let me use my stupidly overpowered friends that break everything

this is one of the most befuddling games I've honestly played in a while.

heisenberg sounded like snagglepuss.

the tall lady was barely in it (thank GOD)

that one fight with the propeller guy looked like a boss from Saw: The Video Game seriously what the hell was that

this ending absolutely implies the continuation of the Resident Evil Cycle and RE9 is 100% going to have double jumps and wall running