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played a character more based around physical and mental rather than social skills and with storyteller mode on i didn't have too much issue getting through the game with the (often quite extensive) range of options it gives you to approach each situation, but i'm definitely interested to replay with a radically different character and taking Julian's path. solid writing and character designs. a good place to dip into the worldbuilding of WoD if you haven't played bloodlines yet or have tried but couldn't get past the games clunkiness.

Why yes, I did play a turn based strategy game on the super nintendo, and had more fun than I should've

My friends said it was impossible to run out of torches, but I ran out of torches the first time I played. My friends are assholes.

Was gonna comment about the game being pure aestheticism but then I realized forcing crunch time on your workers and then releasing a broken game is actually incredibly cyberpunk

I played this game on a private server with friends in high school. I really liked the pyro player in it. We're engaged now.

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