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Play this game!
Ignore the haters. In terms of Campaign anyway, this game is one of the Call of Duty greats imo. Not only is the cast likable and semi-memorable; the game has a very unique feel compared to other CoD games. Space combat is handled very well, the ability to select your next mission out of order is excellent. The visuals still look fantastic!
This game came out at the wrong time, everyone was suffering from 'Future Fatigue'.
But if you are playing Campaign? Give this one a try! You wont regret it!

This game looked so cool. Played it for an hour with controls so bad I couldnt get past the tutorial!
The rest of the game visually looks really cool. Its a shame motion controls and a lack of joystick use were forced down its throat.

Fantastic Game! Peak RPG! Amazing start to a so far gold standard franchise!

This is the hyped up Smash Bros game?
Super Smash Bros Melee is a clunky mess of a game. One the clunkiest 1st Party Games I have played on the GameCube. An improvement over the N64 original for sure and has lots of good content. But best Smash game? Get real people.
And I dont care what anyone says. The exploits are not features. The exploits are exploits and should be treated as such and should not be required to even compete against anyone who sweats Melee like its the second coming of Jesus.

A promising title, yet it didn't deliver. Sadly I'm very disappointed by Sex With Hitler as it seemed one of the games that could've changed the gaming industry.
I'll be waiting for Sex with Mussolini.


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