Fun zoo building game with morals. Getting all the achievements is an arse thou.

Great story and soundtrack. Definitely worth a play, especially if you want to experience being a border control worker in a locked off nation.

I spent way too much time playing this game as a kid.

Tbh I've played way too much of this game. I'm just ad'dick'ed to unlocking all the outfits and illustrations. Candice and Lillian are my waifus but all the girls are great. Fun management sim, with cute girls and a nice side game to Hunie pop

Favorite game growing up, my uncle had an arcade cabinet of it and me and my cousins would play it for hours on end.

No cars only walking is the best way to play

Played on a nokia brick phone back in around 2005, was fun from what I remember.

20minutes of tutorial and that was it for me :(