whenever this game gets a new release, I pray it gets 4 player in story mode.

back in the day, I played this so I could go straight to Silent Hill 2... yeah...

Why’d they make her so hyper-realistic gross looking in Playstation All-Stars? She’s adorable here.
Also I wish, I could play the online multiplayer.

Wow. Well I will admit and say that, oh yeah,
Game has some problems, in both story and gameplay wise.
But when it's good. It is good.

okay, so uhhhh... this game right here has so much cut crap and originally the characters would have been playable and helpful but... that was removed. why? because they dumb as shit. overall it's full of literal shit.

better than the movie and anime

I'd try it if it were in english

This was the first proper Rayman game I ever played, and the first version I ever played of Rayman 2 before attempting the Dreamcast one.

not as bad of a disappointment as LBP3.