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IDK why this has such low reviews. It's funky weird. I think its incredible how it sets up the like, helping the animals thing with the cat, so you're like, ok this makes sense, cats like to knead blankets. And you think all the ones after are gonna be different. But it's not. Yeah the noises are kinda weird but I think that the way they contrast with the music, it's so good.

feel like shit just want her back x

Why can't my brain let me forget this game; there's nothing of value left in it anymore i have played games with far better written stories, i have played better narrative experiences i enjoyed none of the sequels even remotely as much i am not a teenager anymore why do i still like it why do i still think about it way too often please brain let this game die

would you make your chibi-robo serve divorce papers to your dumbass husband?

Cover Me In Leaves is cruel yet gentle, short but unrelenting. It is dense with meaning and feeling that I couldn't even begin to fully understand from the privileged position I've grown up in, I am an outsider looking in but it sees me, and I see it, and I've seen it, in my life, so many times. A ten minute investment, free to experience in your web browser, accessible to anyone willing to take the time to explore this strange little slice of a world that's not quite our own

I would rate DI2 higher if it wasn't called "Dead Island", good visual, atmosphere, dismemberment, in principle, everything works, there is only one nuance, this is one of the most boring games, about which there is nothing to say, 1-button combat, no "development of ideas",why i can`t fight with any objects, for example, and not just sticks, cutscenes are a overlong trash B movie, but it`s good done and with a couple of micro-fun moments. It's a pity, we could get a competitor to "Dying Light 2".

I was interested in playing this after hearing that it was better than expected and a really early example of a dating sim. The one thing that stood out to me was how the women you can date felt closer to actual characters with lives that don't exclusively revolve around a) being utterly obsessed with the protagonist or b) being porny archetypes. That's not to say those things aren't ever an issue, or that it doesn't sometimes fall into gross tropes, but at the very least I found the writing funny and more interesting than I expected it to be. Cool as a piece of gaming history (sort of?) but not really my thing.

Yep, that sure was an Uchikoshi game all right. Weird tone problems, scifi concepts and conspiracy theories, too much innuendo, working backwards from making up twists to then working out how to write a story around them and schlock, lots of anime schlock.
I honestly don't really know how to review this game, other than to say that the problems with the first one werent particularly fixed, and I think it lacks some of the dumber things about the first one that made me laugh (like a main plot point being a twitch streamer having a brain tumour) but its also maybe a bit more consistent (though its first half is notably tighter than the second half.
Overall though, I am an Uchikoshi head, he has me hostage and for all my complaints I made it through to the end and will play whatever it is he's involved in next. So it doesn't really matter what I think about this as a piece in his larger ludography.

Wasn't interrupted, sadly and unsurprisingly. Though this game gave me the idea of the best song improvisation about 4 minutes and 33 seconds ever.
Also, I just love the deconstruction of competition and patience brought by video games due to this. Yeah, it's probably just a dull little art piece, but I do love the suspense of it (or lack of).