That pot does seem really comfy though.

Fun, light game with interesting combat!

I don't like this game as much as more recent Monster Hunter games, but I can see why some people prefer it. The Styles and Arts are cool and interesting and there's a fantastic variety of monsters.

This is such a simple game, but I love it? The combat and level design are very simple, but the customization is decent and it's fun to zip around in a mech blowing up robots. The writing is also light and fun, which is a nice surprise.

I want to like this game, but it's just too repetitive (back-to-back story missions where you fight the same monster) and I don't quite love any of the weapons.

The story and characters are fun, but the gameplay is a slog, especially after having played God Eater 3 and newer Monster Hunter games.

This game is a lot of fun! The combat isn't particularly complex, but there's enough going on that each class has a clear purpose and I didn't get bored. This game is very horny, but no more than most other Vita dungeon crawlers.

I have been played a number of first-person dungeon crawlers recently and I think this is mechanically the best one by far. There are so many pieces to character creation, party composition, and the combat, but it's relatively easy to wrap my head around all of it.

However, the story and art in this game is reprehensible, like many other NIS games and Vita dungeon crawlers. A lot of the character art seems pedophilic. The story has frequent sexual assault jokes that are truly horrific. Like, these aren't jokes that include a reference to sexual assault, it's that the plot of the game is the main character being traumatized by repeated attempted sexual assaults and the story treats it like that's a joke in and of itself.

I really like the exploration and combat in this game and got most of the way through it, but didn't finish it because I feel so gross engaging with it.

Probably the best MMO I have played? I like MMO combat, especially dungeons, and my best dungeon experiences have all been in FF14. The dungeons all have unique mechanics that are relatively easy to learn and every dungeon I have ever done, a random person in the group has been doing to explain everything (I played 2013 - 2017). Playing in a group with random people is fantastic when you can rely on everyone working together.

However, the story sucks and takes forever (as of this writing I have only beaten ARR) and I wish I didn't have to engage with it.

This game is great comfort food. Very slow-paced and simple in single player and fun goofing around in multiplayer. However, the design of the multiplayer is just as awkward now as it was in the original game.

I don’t think SMT 3 is a very fun game. I have been playing a lot of relatively difficult dungeon crawlers this year and loving them, but I don’t think SMT 3 is a particularly good one of these. Breaking news: person deep in a subgenre thinks popular one isn’t the best one.

SMT 3 feels like someone forced me to play a board game, refused to explain the rules beforehand, and then is gloating that they have a better strategy than me. I expect these kinds of games to be punishing when you make mistakes, but for that to be a learning experience so you know how to avoid that mistake next time (e.g. high-numbered encounters in Dungeon Encounters instantly killing you teaches you to be wary of high-numbered encounters). SMT doesn’t really do that, instead since your party and their skills are constantly rotating, the lessons are things like “this particular boss has a fire attack and you have one party member that happens to be weak to fire, so replace them for this fight”. That doesn’t deepen my understanding of the game, doesn’t make me rethink how I build my team long-term, and doesn’t make me feel clever for overcoming the boss.

Also, I try really hard not to use this term, but this game is too grindy. Part of the general structure of dungeon crawlers is fighting a ridiculous number of random encounters to gain enough xp to fight the boss, but that usually doesn’t feel tedious to me because part of the challenge is managing your resources so you can explore as much as possible before returning to base. SMT 3 doesn’t have very big maps, barely rewards exploration, and requires a lot of grinding beyond filling out the dungeon map because you get so little XP from each fight. It feels bad when you complete a random battle in a level appropriate dungeon by just auto-attacking and get 150xp when you need 200xp to level up, and you need 2 levels before you can do the demon fusion you want before you fight the boss. I have switched the difficulty to Merciful to help with this, but it changes too much for my taste.

Starts out great and the combat changes feel really good, but, it's just a slog. There aren't really side quests and you have to be a certain power level to progress the main quest, which means you have to grind by literally killing the same enemies in the same area over and over. It's like a gacha game that isn't trying to make you pay money, I don't get it.

Haha assault rifle goes brrr!

I don't care about the battle pass because the game is fun to play, so I don't need poking and prodding to cajole me into playing the game.

This game sucks, I love it. The gameplay is horrendously designed (e.g. leveling up makes you weaker if you play your character correctly), but the quests, lore, and exploration are all great.

I feel very strongly that Skyrim is not a good game, but I do understand why so many people like it. The quests, the lore, the dungeon design, and the sandbox nature of the game are all great, but I think basically every piece of the gameplay is actively bad at it’s intended purpose. Oblivion is the same way. It’s very frustrating to me because I would like to play these games as first-person dungeon crawlers, but they just aren’t designed for you to think about how the game works, so any build is either extremely overpowered or hopelessly useless.

For example, two-handed weapons are inferior to one-handed weapons in every way. You have less flexibility, you can’t cast spells, you do less damage per attack than dual wielding, and you attack slower. Also, not only is blocking less effective, most of the perks in the Block tree only work when you have a shield equipped. I like big swords, I want to smash skeletons with a big sword, but the game heavily punishes me for trying to use a big sword, so the only option for playing that way is to turn the difficulty way down.

That said, this is one of my most played games and the above complaints make me spend a lot of time trying to download mods to "fix" the game.