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Endwalker's ending was incredible, and it even made Shadowbringers better. Has your journey been good? Has it been worthwhile?

"You will tremble with terror. You will weep tears of anger and despair.
But do not avert your eyes. See your life for what it is.
Then you will see how the hardships make you strong.
Every doubt reforged as scales for your armor.
Every agony to temper your blade."

"Has your Journey been good? Has is been worthwhile?"

I like how people are saying the writing sucks. Like any NFS game is known for it's story

A tad flawed but solid collection of 2 JRPG classics whose critical bugs have been thankfully ironed out.
If you can get past the ugly sprite filter of the collection you'll find an awesome and adventurous game, with a battle system that stands the test of time. The game has its fair share of odd design decisions and a somewhat flat plot, but the sheer charm and heart make it something you have to try out at least once.
While foregoing the lighter tone of the first game, GRANDIA II is a marked improvement over its predecessor in pretty much every way, especially the plot; additionally the battle system has been translated pretty much identically but improved thanks to a few additions and the higher-fidelity graphics, and a few archaic mechanics have been axed for much smoother ones, resulting in a game I will gladly revisit when in the mood.

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