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NightmareModeGo finished Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

Hahaha yeeeeeees! That's how ye do DLC!

Fun and interesting mini challenges that keep things fresh (booyah), and it actually tying into the main stuff, not being a daft side story. Roll on Splatoon 3, man. They've hooked me.

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NightmareModeGo finished ASTRO BOT: Rescue Mission

Like strapping joy onto your face. This is what VR is all about.

There's been a lot of "Sony's Mario" chat thrown around about this, and it's honestly hard to argue with that. But I've not had this kinda fun with a Mario game in some time. There's a real proper feeling of immersion. I kept pointing at stuff expecting my hand to come into view. Instinctually going to hold my breath as water rose up past my chin. It sounds ridiculous, but you truly get lost in there.

Just you and yer wee pal, exploring worlds, rescuing lost bots, punching enemies, headbutting footballs back at them. Using shuriken to solve puzzles, smashing a giant robot ape's teeth to bits. It's gold, and the kinda thing that feels like proof of what VR can be beyond the gimmick most folk assume.

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NightmareModeGo finished Splatoon 2

More of a great thing? I'll drink to that, brother!

4 days ago

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