The best VR game I've played 5 times. A must-have for PSVR owners.

Campiagn is not good, the multiplayer is bland, and the zombies is the only thing that saves this game.

Not as good as The Dark Descent, but still worthy.

Much better than the Definitive Edition, and that it doesn't destroy your processor.

Why do I have to pay 30 dollars for a demo?

I remember how I dominated matches with the Medic. I was the Harmacist.

An enjoyable Far Cry game since the third game.

Disappointing garbage. This is the worst Uncharted game I've ever played.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves? More like Uncharted 2: Among the Greatest Games of All Time.

Surprisingly, I like this game more than Uncharted 3. The first adventure of Nathan Drake, is a great one. Leading to the best game - Uncharted 2. While the game is not perfect, it's still a great game, and I recommend it to everybody.