May, 2022


9h 29m

So this was the round up of the last few Sonic levels and clearing Big's story. I like Big's story, but I always fuck up Hot Shelter bc if you raise the water level in the main room twice you literally just cant get froggy.
Anyways I got one B level done for Big and called it a night. No races this time, but I did get the black egg and got Lumin from it. I got my first level 4 in a stat, this is going do much slower than it does in SA2. My goal with the Chao was to complete all the races and have a successfully reincarnated Chao but now I think my goal should be all races and just 8 Chao in each garden.

February, 2022


5h 15m

I was just not feeling this one. I didn't finish a map, even though the map is one of the better ones I've seen so far. This game just really drains me when I play it, it's dumb worthless plot and its dumb fire emblem meme jokes and its boring combat that has just too many critical hits in it just drains me of any joy I had been feeling before starting it. I'm probably just gonna give up on it soon.