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Not my favorite, but the thematic strength is a high mark in the whole genre. Everything ties back to that central expectation of death, and the ending is a heartbreaker.

A fantastic JRPG, just lacking the charm and thematic maturity of its predecessors. While the combat and dungeon crawling received dramatic overhauls, the 'real world' segments felt a little underbaked, relying too much on how cool they looked as opposed to offering you emotional satisfaction. I just did not click with many of the Phantom Thieves in this game.

Not my kinda thing, but fun enough.

Even on a replay I maintain that this game, while doing nothing particularly outstanding, is a nice little adventure. It doesn't attempt to be anything more than it is in narrative and in gameplay. It's a fun story with a solid cast and some great characterization. Thanks Falcom.

Going into this knowing there's sex scenes and finding out right away the whole setting of the game, I prepared for the worst. Pleasantly surprised though, which how tasteful everything was handled. Didn't expect to enjoy it so much but I think I wanna go through all the other routes in all honesty. The writing is very obviously done by amateurs, but the CHARACTER writing on the other hand is incredibly well done, and the accompanying music is fantastic.

Only good thing to ever come out of 4chan.

this is a very meaningful little game. if the premise catches your attention for even a second, i recommend you to play it for yourself.