A brisk tidbit on an anxious teen's POV on relationships

An emotional amalgamation of stories from 5 unique girls.

ah... why do they make these characters all so frustrating

Not entirely sure what sort of story was trying to be told here... The girls were cute enough and I was curious enough to finish the game.

A ten-minute personality questionnaire given by a cute demon that determines your value.

The best Final Fantasy game.
The world is beautiful and vast. Traveling, roaming, defeating monsters, meeting people; it was soo much fun.

Cute and simple Halloween Town-esque love story.

The story here is so fun and charming. I had a lot of pleasure seeing the Sonic characters interact in this fun setting even as someone who doesn't play Sonic games.
That being said, the minigames were increasingly difficult and left me quite frustrated towards the end as I have never been good at platform games. Highly recommend turning on the assist mode before you spend an hour raging over one level of a mini-game.

The game has some interesting defense setups-- I love the auto turrets. But... I played the whole game as a medic and it just felt like my arsenal and perks were quite lacking in comparison to the rest of my party. I wanted to be more useful.
It was a lot of fun with friends but I wouldn't play it again and I wouldn't play it solo.

Vanilla is quite charming and funny... Chocola on the other hand I found annoying which is detrimental to the story given that you are surrounded by the two at all times.

The man oozes charisma and I'm all here for it.
Had me grinning, giggling, and laughing at multiple parts of this short story.

I feel like this should be in schools because it feels far more like proper sex ed than anything I've ever seen. Not only does it teach and demonstrate consent, and the ability to revoke consent at any step, but it also explains to you how to use different kinds of protection.
An inspiring experience overall.

The initial premise was quite intriguing and had me interested in trying out all the love interests but as the mysteries unfolded and the story got unnecessarily complex I lost interest.

It ends before it begins.
While the characters are cute and are each eagerly awaiting your affection-- the routes finish as you begin to understand each other. So... there is no romance really.