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De pequeño no lo noté pero este juego tiene muchiiiisimas más conveniencias de guión de lo que recordaba. Aún asi sigue siendo ultra kino y el port es ultra bueno también.

i had to play this at 2x for like 80% of the game. I got gaslighted into thinking this was peak mario rpg when in reality this game loooves wasting your time just to extend playtime.

After playing the Klonoa remasters last year I felt pretty underwhelmed by their quality and lack of care, and after hearing that Monkeycraft would be in charge of this too I was pretty concerned. Fortunately, this remaster is definitely a competent way of experiencing the game, even though I have a fair amount of nitpicks.
Graphic quality has overall increased while some of the original artstyle is not maintained nor preserved correctly. Some examples for this are de-strawberrying Ichigo’s body, having an Incorrect lighting at some levels (especially at night and sunset) or changing the default music for some of the levels. This last one isn’t really a problem per se but I don’t really get why bother changing it in the first place. Some of these were really magical to me, like hearing Angel Rain on the flower and firefly stages or hearing Everlasting Love in the F1 stage. The majority of them are the same between the original and Reroll so it isn’t that bad.
I wasn’t expecting much of the new levels either but left me disappointed anyways. These levels being copies of other existing levels with a skin and color pallet change wasn’t the thing I was expecting at all. The only one I enjoyed was the ghost one I’d say.
But still even with all this I had a blast playing it because after all, it’s still the same Katamari game I fell in love, and I really, really fucking love Katamari, and you should too <3.