the goals of an atmospheric tech showcase survival horror and a competent quake 2 follow-up designed from the ground up for nightmare cancel each other out as the former is made a spook house stroll and the latter is intended as ng+

in the grim dark future of 2023, the target audience for pc games is tech illiterate unmodded switch owners

spam some more replicators i dare you

karachi and favela, as the only good things about mw2, should have been part of patch 1.6

fusion's wet soap physics are far less outrageous than moto trial tbh

'1.3.2 will bring a prototype for a post-1.4 floor hugger DLC'
pls stop him

forsaken brianna saying solaris vs desecrators ship computer saying bubblebomb

straferunning is too great of a sacrifice for... what tangible benefit, exactly?

may the earth rest with its full weight on whoever coded missle splash damage

think about it this way: some of bioware has been ex-black isle, so if bgs makes f3 a carbon copy of the licensed bioware game sw:kotor [including the absolute minutia like manchild dialogue options], then it very plausibly passes as what black isle would have done for f3