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Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate
Dangeresque: The Roomisode Triungulate

Jun 28

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started this on pc but then decided it would be better on steam deck and moved there, but since it had no cloud saves i had to start over. but it's short, so that's fine.

just a really good puzzle platformer, nothing more. might go for 100%.

had a jet set radio itch that this scratched when the actual two games couldn't. it's the air control and jump dash that's the reason. it feels SO much better to move in.

the dream levels were a highlight, and i wouldn't mind a whole game or expansion made soley out of those. what if mario galaxy but you could do flips.

i think i'll move on to installing mods. i have a feeling that will be where the fun begins.

finally done this after about half a year. i originally bought this because an animal crossing for steam deck sounded nice, and a daily ritual sounded nice.

but i only really cared about doing quests and progressing the stories. i didn't really care about decorating my own house and making things look nice, but instead only decorated to make animals/plants happy for more resources or to expand light. didn't help that i bought the dlc with the game, which started me off with a free cat, so I made the first room in my tent for the cat's wants instead of mine.

i don't regret playing this game. i like those bears. but i think playing it helped me realize that i prefer games with goals.