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(J)RPGs, fantasy, action adventure, walking sims, VNs, life sims, 3D platformers, collectathons, turn-based strategies, and random indies. Big fan of dragons and sequels.
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The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me
The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me

Apr 13

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One of the most complicated games I’ve ever had to rate. Frustrating, maddening, and at times straight-up not fun, but not a bad game by any means. The level designs were interesting, the art is solid, and the game length was perfect for the type of gameplay. For anyone trophy hunting, beware.

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Penny is the most insufferable character ever added to the Pokémon franchise

What could have been an easy 3.5/5 misses the mark with absent sense of progression and quality of life features.
Ingredients and enemies are often obtainable in one place, in one way. Those obtainable in multiple places oddly do not have demand to match their abundance.
As with most crafting games, progression leads to “tiers” — you need A and B to make C, C and D to make E, etc. In balanced crafting games, you tend to obtain Tier 1 ingredients in greater quantities or start obtaining Tier 2 items without the need to start from scratch, for example. This leads to much backtracking in Wytchwood.
Fast travel could be improved but luckily the maps are small enough that you are not bogged down by your single walking speed. Unfortunately there is no sense of power improvement, as enemies will still drop 1 of each needed ingredient (leading to grindier farming) with only a single way of taking them down.
The music, writing, and art style saved this game from being a complete pass, but I hope you like backtracking, then backtracking some more.