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A demo filled with fun ideas and style.
P.N.03 was a very short game and basically a demo to me. The environments comprised of barren and bleak futuristic landscapes and white and simplistic interiors, so there wasn't really too much going on. The enemies had some variety, but they didn't stick out too much from each other. You'll have to grind to get better upgrades and suits to deal with some of the damage-absorbent enemies, which can be quite annoying, and the grind really isn't worth it to be honest if you can just be patient and dodge well. And the story did not have any remotely interesting aspects until the very end.
What the game does have going for it is its gameplay style and Vanessa. Despite the gameplay getting a bit tiresome towards the end, it was fun to dodge and dance around bullets and lasers most of the time and to perform different abilities. Vanessa's movement made it a delight to watch the gameplay in action as well. Her design and the way she moved went so well together and is a standout for the game. Animations were very reminiscent of Bayonetta and other future Clover Studio / PlatinumGames products.
Other aspects of the game I loved ♥:
The suits were pretty cool and had nice designs.

One of the most endearing and heartwarming games ever, with fantastic storytelling and well done character relationships. 🌻
Second Light sets out to tell a story about growth, change, how everything won't remain the same, and the value of that time before change. The adventure and time in the game is akin to summer vacation (as Ao Hoshizaki had stated), a relaxing and fun time that will eventually end before returning to "reality". Ao and the cast often linger on this thought and the troubled feelings they have of their inevitable fate. They aren't sure what lies ahead of them after the Oasis, whether or not they'll even see each other again or if the memories of their time together will stay with them. The school setting in the Oasis is perfect for capturing what they feel as most players will be able to sympathize with this, comparing the cast's feelings to the unnerving feeling of moving on after school years. Right off the bat, I was interested and felt some sort of connection to this game.
So to make the most of their summer vacation, the reflectors spend it decorating the school, making new devices and pastimes, and most importantly of all, spending time together. The game is very heavy on building relationships with each of the girls. However before being able to build your relationship with them, their Heartscapes must be explored through first along with their history (aside from a few, most of them have their Heartscape as the start of their character arc). Each Heartscape reveals a distinct and personal struggle each one was facing prior to entering the Oasis. Even after confronting their memories and gaining them back, their issues don't go away. Your relationship and time with them helps them to recover from their past and to help them go forward with their lives.
The cast and each of their relationships are well thoughtout. The girls felt like real and understandable people, especially with how their problems are presented and resolved. They felt like people I've met across my life. It's a cast that can emotionally attach you to them easily. They're also a large cast, yet they feel distinct and unique, and their character arcs all feel balanaced and strong. A lot of other casts typically fail and fumble when it comes to their side characters' characterization and relationship with the protagonist/player, however Tie excels at these aspects. None of them really feel like they were wasted (unlike other JRPGs that have a focus on relationships and have a system based off that, not naming any names).
Other aspects of the game I loved ♥:
The concept and visuals of the Heartscapes are great. I always like settings/areas that are based on the psyche of characters. The Heartscapes also looked so pretty and pleasing. Sunflowers look unusually good in this game.
The OST was lovely. Heartscape themes were unique and felt appropriate for each character. There were some simple tracks, but they were nice to listen to and really elevated the calm and comfy experience.