One of the greatest multiplayer games of all time!

Fuzion Frenzy was my family's favorite party game for the Xbox. Loads of fun minigames and interesting characters!

One of the best fighting games for the Nintendo DS!

Elite Beat Agents is such a charming original title! A must play for the Nintendo DS.

The greatest Kirby game out there! I loved the exploration, unique power ups, and extensive multiplayer that this entry had.

A combination of compelling characters, a brilliant Gothic style, and challenging gameplay make Order of Ecclesia one of the best Castlevania games.

Metal Arms: Glitch in the System is an unsung masterpiece!

Trash trying to pass as a Mario Kart game.

The best Mario Kart game hands down!

Mario Kart 8 would probably be my favorite entry if it weren't for the abysmally awful battle mode.

Possibly the most disappointing game I played in 2017; should just be named "Animal Crossing: Microtransactions".

Never has a game made me feel more like a Jedi!

I've never had a gaming experience quite like PUBG Mobile. As cliche as this sounds, PUBGM is more than just a game to me—it's an experience. I've been playing since its launch week and I'm still having loads of fun over a year later. I've made life-long friends and unforgettable moments while playing.