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I am somewhat curious why Wind Waker is so low. I understand it has a couple of bad moments, but below Adventure of Link? I don't want to judge or delegitimize your opinion, I am just curious.

1 year ago

Well, it's mostly two things. First, I think it has some of the weakest dungeons in the series, they were built to have a very linear progression path despite looking (and maybe even feeling) more tangled. Second, and that's kinda of beating a dead horse, but it's the overworld, which is probably the worst case of the purposeless open world I've ever seen.

So when you put these things together, I was bored while traveling at sea on the 80% of nothing that is that map and bored after arriving on the 20% of fairly dull land it had to offer as a reward.

That's understandable. The quality of dungeons is a subjective thing, and 80% of the game is, as you mentioned, spent on the boring sea. Glad to hear a unique opinion.

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