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Due to being sent into the desert five times Ciel had to remove the sand from his joints with a power hose after the events of this game

Star rail wishes it was as good as limbus #LIMBUSSYSWEEP

cock is one of my favorite tastes. not only that, but balls smell amazing. it makes me go a little crazy on it to be honest. like, i cannot get it far enough down my throat to be satisfied. i’m only satisfied when i feel those intense, powerful, salty, hot pumps of cum down my throat. when i sit back on my heels, look up at you with cum all over my mouth and slobber running down my neck, hair all fucked up and wipe my mouth with the back of my arm and ask you if i did a good job and you cannot even speak because i’ve drained all of your energy out the tip of your dick….. that’s when i’m satisfied.

Gonna tell my kids this was God Hand

>run sonic.exe
>printer starts making noise
>ASCII image of the F slur

Atomic Fart is so bad that I have renounced Communism and have become a libertarian.

she Nyna on my Hardin till I Camus

the bestest fuickinhg gfame of all time...... wow........ my NUTS ARE TREMBLING....... INFINITE CON TENT. AMAZZING