Not a final review - Ongoing impressions

Controls for Mario in SM64 are pretty smooth. You find yourself wishing you had a full-360 control of the camera, but the right stick is an improvement over the C buttons.

Currently at 96 stars, trying to go for 120 before Ultimate Bowser. It's been a huge pleasure to revisit this game.

On Sunshine, the emulation is making everything look really good except for the cutscenes - certain voice lines, particularly from the Piantas, sound extremely muffled. And then the cropping and brightness settings they're using really make the cutscenes incongruous with the gameplay.

I'm one of those who ranks Sunshine third among these three games and I'm still struggling. Mario is so damn slippery when landing on platforms, that it irrationally angers me. The music and gameplay animation makes me happy, though.

Reviewed on Sep 18, 2020