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How they fucked up this concept is beyond my comprehension. So underwhelming I actually got mad with it.

I admire how the game knows how goofy its idea is and absolutely runs with it, but the gameplay needs some sort of mechanical refinements.

Excelente juego para pasar el tiempo con amigos, divertido. El predecesor de Gartic Phone

One of the OG pioneer indie games from early 2010s.
Love the way combines meaningful (inspiring) thoughts into actual gameplay.
Plus, story of developer Alexander Bruce itself is inspiring : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wOlcB-JxkFw

Ay coño hay un teletubbie muerto AAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAY

NASCAR 09 finds itself with such a low rating for primarily one reason, which is to say it is unplayable. The control stick sensitivity is SO BAD that turning your car on PS2 is all but impossible! When I tried to play the game even with max stick sensitivity (a setting not seen in previous games like NASCAR Thunder 2003, likely because it already had good stick balance) I would have to smash the control stick so far to the side my finger would hurt mid-race to the point I had to take a break and I worried about breaking my controller. Not only is this unfun, it means you can't really make any kind of minor adjustments required for REAL racing and are basically limited to wide turns which makes a NASCAR race unplayable.
Because of that, I was not able to make it far into the game, but by all accounts this game had worse features than previous games in the series like NASCAR Thunder 2003 such as less stuff like Thunder Challenges, less unlockables, and a Career Mode that has interesting progression as you rise up the various racing series ranks but lacks the depth of Thunder 2003's management of development, advertisement and teams. Even if you prefer this game's style of Career Mode, you could just play NASCAR 2005: Chase for the Cup instead, although I would highly recommend NASCAR Thunder 2003 or 2004 over it. And leave this game in the trash bin where it belongs.

Había jugado antes el Burnout 3 Takedown en mi infancia, pero es la primera vez que termino un Burnout en mi vida. Lo estuve jugando durante 4 días seguidos para sacarle el 100%. Una increible mezcla del sistema de puntaje de Crazy Taxi con una adredalina digna del Daytona, creo que es la mejor forma de clasificar este juego. Terminarlo solo hizo que me dieran ganas de probar el Paradise para aumentar mi dosis.

Interesantes ideas, pero la narrativa empuja al gameplay demasiado, poniendote en situaciones muy desventajosas y un diseño de nivel cuestionable