Got two reviews removed here for being "too meta" so I'm basically famous. Waifu enjoyer. Dude who likes talking about games as if someone is listening or something. Some reviews are long and detailed while others are very brief. Don't expect any consistency lmao.
My rating scale:
0.5 ⭐ - complete travesty
1 ⭐ - awful, not worth your time
1.5 ⭐ - pretty bad
2 ⭐ - kinda sucks
2.5 ⭐ - mediocre
3 ⭐ - solid/enjoyable
3.5 ⭐ - good
4 ⭐ - great, a true banger
4.5 ⭐ - excellent, almost peak
5 ⭐ - masterpiece, among my all-time favorites
5 star games aren't necessarily perfect but I love them so much that flaws are often negligible compared to the top tier experience they offer.
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Pokémon White
Pokémon White

May 29

Wario Land II
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May 28

Poppy Playtime
Poppy Playtime

May 12

Garten of Banban 3
Garten of Banban 3

May 12

Pac-Man World Rally
Pac-Man World Rally

Apr 30

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It was a better game but Ban Ban 3 made me laugh more

These guys realized they couldn't make a scary horror game so they just made this as absurd and hilarious as possible. Gotta give the tiniest ounce of respect for that lol. I hope these never stop cuz they're so god damn entertaining even if they are some of the most ass games out there.

I think the moment when I realize backloggd has fucking spread to my brain is when I play a game like Pac-Man World Rally and automatically label it as some 2000s core vibe aesthetic. There's such a bizarre energy here that eminates such an aggressive mid 2000s 6th console generation vibe that I've seen very few other games match. For all intents and purposes it really shouldn't work as it's practically a poor man's Mario Kart clone with basic item mechanics ripped from that series and with very little of the polish in driving control. Everything feels so frantically paced and has some level of control clunkiness you'd expect when playing some random arcade racing game. The tracks are sometimes absurd in their designs and hazard placements to where it can feel almost unavoidable to not come colliding with a wall or hazard at some point yet it almost feels like the tracks themselves are more inclined to lead to chaotic situations, especially compared to the more laid-back approach obstacles have in the Mario Kart series. It has almost every hallmark of a mediocre to weak game but somehow is carried by the charm of its quirks and is admittedly quite fun once you get used to it????? I mean, where else can you play as Pac-Man World 2's very own Spooky and use a fucking Galaga ship and ice dragon as you race around the world in Katamari Demacy? This shit is sort of insane actually.