The world is truly fuckt if the only hope is redheaded with a bow.

Well, at least they gave me the chance to kill an innocent man.

This God of War port for PC is not that bad.

Well, at least they have a gauntlet made out of bird bones.

Well, at least they gave me a hammer.

Just another grumpy middle-aged white man beating the shit out of skinny white teenagers in the desert.

Going from killing gans as a biker to working for a gay club manager was way easier than I thought it gone be.


Thanks for the gun, where are the bullets?

It feels like the game version of a "100 GAMES IN 1 CONSOLE"

Who the f design the sex in this one? Bob the builder? F***ing building corners.
Still fun being a Serbian killer tho.

Oh my, oh my, look how the tables have turned.

I'm not yet sure but I think I still have a chance with my daughter.

Boys and girls, I think I've just been friendzone by my daughter.