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All three titles in this collection are definitely worth playing, although most of them have many issues that hold them back one way or another.

Unfortunately, there's a lot of issues with this collection, including no increase in framerate for the older games, 64 not improving controls or iterating on its aspect ratio, and no quality of life improvements found in any title in this collection, all bundled together for a questionable asking price which is also set for a limited-time purchase.

The games in and of themselves have their merits, but this collection is really shady to say the best.

first playthrough was some magical shit

Great writing, and overall story. One of the most memorable gaming experiences I've had in a long time. Genuinely excited for whatever their next project is.

Low stakes platforming that's tons of fun, a cute celebration of Playstation's history. "Vehicle" levels were hit or miss

charming little gem disguised as a funny meme game

can't wait for bugsnax 2: lost in new york

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