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Turning GG into a stripped-down Street Fighter clone is bad enough but the real tragedy is that thousands of goobers who never listened to anything but video game music got gaslit into believing this is a good soundtrack

when eres el mejor juego de virtual boy

Damn, I had to add this game to IGDB myself. So yeah, to the two other Backloggd users in the universe that have played this game, you're welcome.
VERY cool game to try out, ESPECIALLY if you enjoyed Hellsinker, as this game was made by the same developer before it. As it turns out, there are a ton of stuff in this game that carried over to Hellsinker. Atypical weapons, enemy types and attacks, SOL/LUNA/STELLA, branching level paths, and even some of the music, among other things.
But holy goddamn, don't expect to beat this shit anytime soon. Tonnyori must've been out of his fucking mind back then because it's ten times harder than Hellsinker ever was. You've got a 2x2 hitbox and a rechargeable shield, and you better utilize that and every other tool available to you because the game will NOT relent. The game bends you over and prepares the punishment as early as Stage 1, jesus christ. But it's so much fucking fun, even if I can't actually beat the game. I was able to get past the first phase of the final boss on one credit though, and I'm really proud of that.
EDIT: For anyone else having difficulty running the game, make sure to switch your computer's locale to JP (or use the Locale emulator) before you run the game, and download the d3drm.dll file and put it in the same directory as the .exe.

The best game of them all. The pinnacle of detail, craftsmanship, and intrigue.

Not a mad world, THE mad world. A nonsensical cumulus of places, still clinging after so many iterations of preserving a feeling, an element, an ember.
Replaying it after almost 8 years has been amazing. I remembered even the enemy placement, but almost forgot the sensations of the places themselves. There's been a lot of complaints about Blight Town, but i love how horrific it looks, how sick the enemies look, the platforms and the wood don't make any physical sense, you are able to pass through out of pure luck! It was one of the instances where I stopped and felt a sinking feeling in my stomach, thinking how many ages you would need to backtrack in time for any of this to make sense, any logical sense based on our world.
Also, I don't understand people saying this is TOO SLOW of a game. "I've played Dark Souls 3 and now I can't get back to 1". Like bitch, just go for endurance and dexterity, you can dodge anything and move gracefully, you can even get strong armour and tank many bosses while still moving a lot; that's how I killed the DLC bosses and Gwyn on first try.
More thoughts in my Elden Ring review.

If you ever feel embarrassed about a typo or using the wrong word, remember that Saturn Power Magazine, without a shred of irony, thought this was called Ijidkijidk Sun.

In the production of the Season 7 Episode 8 of South Park, "South Park is Gay!", creators Matt and Trey brainstormed the ending for hours, before coming up with a completely goofy out-of-the-blue third act that barely tied into the entertaining initial premise and have since referred to the episode as "one of their worst" due to this random reveal dragging down the entire setup; yet despite that, fans at large seem to have found the ending hilarious and have professed great enjoyment of Crab People.
The last two seconds of Iron Lung are the horror equivalent of Crab People.